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Bones Muscle and Mental Health

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Exercise can be defined as any bodily activity that aims at promoting or maintain good health and body fitness. It is done to strengthen body bones and muscles, cardiovascular system, honing athletic activities, maintain weight loss, for enjoyment among other reasons.

Exercise can range from highly physically engaging activities for example weight lifting, to moderate intensity aerobics for example brisk walking or opting to take the stairs. Physical exercises can be categorized into those aimed at strength training, agility training and eccentric training.

Physical exercise helps combat health conditions and diseases. It prevents high blood pressure, cardio vascular diseases, mental syndrome, strengthens bones and muscles among others, while generally improving individuals ability to undertake daily chores.

Exercise also helps maintain positive self esteem. Since physical exercise improves physical fitness and overall health wellness, it helps individual feel good about themselves. According to (Kenneth 2009), physical exercise helps improve on individual’s sexual appeal and body image.

Exercise in children it prevents ailment s like obesity which in the recent years has become a menace to society. This condition which is generally caused by accumulation of excessive fat in the body can be prevented through physical exercise as it helps burn up excessive calories in the body leaving children healthier.

Among aging exercise adults it’s helpful as it improves on their cognitive function and generally boosts ones moods. It is credited for preventing insomnia and reduces chances of suffering from depression as it’s physically and mentally demanding. Health benefits of exercise far outweigh the risks of getting hurt as it helps one maintain a healthy weight, build and maintain body and bone density, joint mobility, psychological wellbeing, muscle strength and reduces surgical risks hence making it a very important undertaking..

Buy custom Bones Muscle and Mental Health essay

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