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Bone, Muscle & Mental Health

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Bones, muscles, and joints hold together our body and effectively support the body movement. They all together form musculoskeletal system which is a locomotor system for the body. Healthy bones and muscle are important for everyone and this can only be achieved through proper exercise and having balanced diet. Nutrition is the driving engine for healthy body functions. The adult skeleton is made up to 206 bones and 600 different types of muscles. All these play a role in coordinating the body movement.  For an individual to have strong body bones, sufficient exercise and good diet is necessary.  To maintain healthy body, a good balanced diet and exercise is important.

Good nutrition and a well balanced diet involves taking different kinds of healthy foods that keeps the body to work very well and is able to prevent opportunistic diseases. The diet also helps the body to get enough energy which is also drawn from exercise. Exercise is beneficial for our body since it promotes healthy heart function, good mental processes. It also helps in both bone and muscle development which in turn can help in changing mood thus eliminating stress and depression.

When an individual is stress free, there is high level of concentration which helps to improve performance. Exercise also keeps the mind alert, cerate strong bones, and relieves stress. This enables a person to be very happy. There close relation of diet, stress reduction and exercise. In a way, one option leads to the other and consequently all shall be affected. Finally, it is important to note that mental health, bones and muscles are interrelated in their functions. For instance, strong bones mean a strong muscle and reasonably there will be a good mental health.

Buy custom Bone, Muscle & Mental Health essay

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