Custom «Adding Bulk Naturally» Essay Paper

Custom «Adding Bulk Naturally» Essay Paper

  These days you can gain weight naturally and safely without taking the risk with your health. Many experiences confusing and frustrating moments when figuring out how to gain weight, but the truth of the subject is that u don’t have to worry. Few variables are involved in the process of gaining weight since it’s not a complicated process. Muscle and weight can be gained with ease if one learns on how to control the things that matter in the whole process of weight and muscle gaining.

The keys to gaining weight properly while gaining muscle mass are the following:

Eating often

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            Enough eating increases the chances of you gaining more weight. Many say that they eat always, but they don’t see their weight increasing, but this should not worry them because the truth of the matter is that maybe they don’t take the 4,000-6,000 calories a day that is actually required to put up the size. Three meals a day cannot cut the weight regardless of what many may think. You should eat snacks which are hearty such as shakes proteins, sandwiches, and replacement bars meals between the actual meals and before getting to bed if you are serious about getting bigger. To get the calories needed you must plan and of time ensure that you have something to take in that will deliver those calories needed in your body.

Bigger portions

            Your size portion will become heavier as you reach to calories that are between 4,000-6,000 marks. This can be accomplished through two ways, consuming big volumes being the first one such as eating five eggs instead of eating three. The second, being taking a large portion of foods that is dense in calories like eating some peanuts before sleeping. Adding extra putty to bread, taking milk instead of water or adding an extra egg to your pancake can largely increase the protein in your body without necessary having to consume each porton in a different time and in bigger quantities.

Nutritional Density maximization

            When you are able to number of times you consume food that are dense in nutrition then lean muscle putting becomes easier. Some food such as spinach has calories which are relatively low but has a high-nutrition value. You can add nuts, tomatoes and roasted chicken to the spinach salad if your aim is to gain weight. May also need to substitute the food that is lighter for the dense ones and it is always important not to take carbohydrates instead of proteins. It’s also important to ensure that the proteins necessary to build the muscle mass are well obtained from the food you are taking.

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Drinking up

            To add an extra, calorie, in your diet you may require drinking beverages that are dense in calories such as; milk and drinks that add weights to the body. Gainers designed to give big masses such as 1,250 calories should be used in cases where protein supplements are used this is because they have high carbohydrates and calorie counts that are necessary in maintaining calorie in surplus in the body hence achieving the needed weight. Fruits that are fresh, yoghurt and peanut butter can help increase the calorie if added to the juice or milk. (Insel 2010).

The muscle building needs a lot of work. It needs to train with purpose, heavy and hard to utilize the extra calories and stimulate the growth. Muscles are broken down by resistance training and the tissues rebuilt during the recovery period. Lean body mass increasing and developing considers adequate rest, hydration and post nutrition workouts to be imperative. Nobody has ever said that getting a sensible body weight was not difficult. Adding weight like the most goals of fitness requires training hard taking nutrition solids having enough rest and recovery. Lean and high- protein food are needed for the weight gain. At least 0.8 grams of protein per pound oof body weight are need for muscle building.

            The productive phases of bodybuilding are cutting and bulking, where cutting is the subtraction and bulking the addition. During the cutting you remove the fat from the body while trying not to lose the muscle. While in bulking you add muscle without adding too much fat. Clean bulking and lean bulking are the ways of maximizing muscle mass and avoiding adding fat or can be termed as adding muscle and losing body fat at the same time. Dirty bulking involves eating food that do not consist a bulking diet such as junk food and that are not designed to maximize muscle gains, reduce the fat and support maximum effort in the gym and a health life outside.

            Foods comes in very many forms since every food contains a carbohydrate, proteins and fat and some food contains alcohol that provides  extra calories. As for the body builders they should try and get enough of the macro nutrients such as carbohydrates, fat and proteins into their bodies. Bulking is putting weight with the intention of improving the muscle mass which is a common technique of training to add weight and size. Since bulking requires a lot of energy, intake of the calories accompanied with a lot of heavy lifting it is always followed by a cutting

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phase to reduce the diet and then to remove the excess fat gained from the bulking and hence maintaining the muscle mass intact. Cutting and bulking phase may last for about twelve weeks respectively. The food that has high-calorie is necessary when one needs to add some little fat in the body.


            According to the researchers you can gain the weight without having to risk on your health and this can be achieved through following the prescribed mode and type of dieting that will assist your body to gain weight without necessary having to lose the muscle mass. 

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