Custom «Globalization» Essay Paper

Custom «Globalization» Essay Paper

Globalization made our world, like eggs in a single basket. We can connect with far living peoples in a nanosecond time and only with a single click. Say thanks! To the charisma of technology. If we take the Newton’s third law of motion i.e. “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”, so as to the technology have both effects in a position i.e. positive and adverse. Simultaneously, the adverse effects of these technological innovations are bear by our mother nature, as an outcome the green effect of the nature is diluting because of the increase in buildings, offices and other typecasts of innovation. Technological and environmental issues were discussed by many authors and schools of thought in both manners. But we in this study are going to address and single book for it’s a review, which is “Green Urbanism: Learning from European Cities” written by Timothy Beatley. The book is written on effects of the increase in construction and innovation in technology in the major cities of Europe & USA. The end user will learn from this study that what is an initiative of the author in writing this book.

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Approaches of the Book: The main ingredient of the book is its philosophical approach towards the green urbanism. The author described its milieu with the help of various other writers, if we see the bibliography page of the book, we can find various articles and journals of philosophy. Various theories of philosophy about the green urbanism are being accounted in this book for setting up the stance of the author. The scope of the study is not to analyze the accounted cities, but provides fruitful information about the developments in these cities.

The theoretical approach settled by the author is in both qualitative and quantitative manner. As the author reviewed more than 20 countries of Europe and interviewed about 200 individuals for taking out the personal assumptions of the people living in these states. From this fact, we can say the research concluded by the author is an experimental research, because the research stimulated y the author is non-contrived in its manner rather than contrived writing style. Because the author physically surveyed and collected the data to be demonstrated in the study. This approach makes the conclusion and results section of the book quite heavy in negation to other books and approaches made in this regime. The author provides a copious amount of data into a single book and accounted for exclusive amount of philosophical and theoretical perceptions of his own and retained from others.

Various environmental and cultural issues were also addressed by the author so the reader can clearly understand the motive and results concluded in the book. This book provides various aspects of environmental and cultural dimensions in its realm such as scientific, religious and humanist. This will lead the reader to segregate the significance of different factors, which are playing various roles in the urbanization of selected cities. The issue raised in the book is quite different with others, because its address the wishful thinking of some developers about eliminating the natural factors from this world. 

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Summary of the Author’s Perspective: If we take a look over the past and contemporary researches about the technological and innovational effects, we can derive many results and conclusions from various studies and accounts. However, this book “Green Urbanism” is an innovational approach to sustain the support to the issue of Green world.

This issue is accounted in the various studies, but the approach established by the author of this book is pioneering and exclusive to the grave issue. The author studies various countries and their development procedures as the author mentioned about the London, that it is the busiest and developed state in the Europe. People in London use 55,000 gallons of oil, 66,000 tones of food per day and the waste accumulated in the study is 166,000 hydro oxides daily. This lead us to see that how much waste is being accumulated in a single city and the how does this waste influence the environment.

The global warming is another issue, which is being boosted up with the increase development and waste ratio. Upon the survey conducted by the author with 200 individuals, it is supposed that the major cause of global warming is usage of different chemicals and production waste into the industries. Another factor which is most influential in global warming is then accounted as an increase in population and waste usage of construction. Most of building premises in the developed countries is for no reason. Architectures design building with extra storage and the extra space gather more than its real and usable space.

Overall the study provides a burning issue in a way that could be easily understanding by anyone who will read this book.

Exemplary Perspective of Author: The author of the book used various examples to support its stance. Many cities were accounted to support the scope of the book. Not only the European cities were discussed in this book, but various developed and underdeveloped cities are also incorporated to support the results and conclusions. The examples used in this book are quite sufficient and accepted to sustain the issue. However, further research and examples can also be added to provide more research and information about the green urbanism.

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We have reviewed the book “Green Urbanism: Learning from European Cities” written by Timothy Beatley. Because of its pioneering approach towards development and innovations in various European cities. Additionally, the author confined various aspects, which are influencing the global warming. The most influential factor of global warming is certified to the usage and different chemical and production waste driven from the industries, also the hefty use of space to construct the buildings.

All in one the book presents qualitative and quantities research method and a non-contrived writing format to support the stance and provide plenty information about the Green Urbanism issue held in the world.

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