Custom «Ethics» Essay Paper

Custom «Ethics» Essay Paper

Ethics is one of the basic and integral branches of philosophy, which has the prospective to solicit to address questions about morality. The thing which has been gauge from the ethics includes the determination of the moral outcome, and the way people abide by such ethics. Our main focus in this study to look over an unethical behavior of a medical associate.

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Mary is working in a medical records department and just lost her ICD-9-CM codebook. It we take this scenario beside that she is our friend. The conduction made by Mary shows her carelessness and according to the Nursing Code o Ethics, it is the most unethical action which is being held by her. International Classification of Disease (ICD) -9-Clinical Modification codebook is not only a book. It provides a variety of information about many of the diseases, and it is a duty of the medical associate to take care of this book like, the one care for any sort of gem (Parr, 2004). The action conducted by Mary is a vague and provide that she is not completely playing fair to her job and patients.

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The book does not only provide her the information about different diseases, but also teach that how to stay in the place. Lost of a book will also take a deep account on her associates, such as the facility or doctors she works for, as well her colleagues.


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The thing which will take a grave impact is the transfer of right information about the diseases in the record book, as she has lost her book, she will face many difficulties in her work. After this Mary has to work on her previous experience, and guidelines taken from her seniors. She is also taking accounts from the ICD-8 codebook, but the old manual cannot provider her, the latest and innovative information about the new diseases comes after the issuance of ICD-9 codebook. All we can say that by this action Mary has put her in a grave apprehension.

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