Custom «Einstein’s Problem Solving Model» Essay Paper

Custom «Einstein’s Problem Solving Model» Essay Paper


Life is full of problems, and the success of an individual significantly depends on the manner in which he or she solves these problems. Different people have different methods of solving different problems. In addition, no single model can solve all the problems. This simply implies that certain problem solving methodologies are efficient in certain problem domains. However, all problem solvers share one common characteristic, that is, they all have problem solving skills. According to Hayes (2013), problem-solving skills refer to the analytical abilities required by an individual to determine which framework or model to use in order to solve a given problem. There are various strategies, such as Einstein’s problem solving, interpersonal conflict and effective communication, and the problem solving process, that can be deployed in solving problems. This paper focuses on Einstein’s problem solving model to illustrate the key steps in finding a solution to a real problem.

Applying Einstein’s Problem Solving Model

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The given scenario describes a problem in which an individual faces conflicting responsibilities. He or she has to organize time effectively in order to meet the responsibilities. This way, ten steps involved in Einstein’s problem solving model will be used to solve the problem represented in the scenario.

Rephrasing the Problem

This phase involves rewording the problem statement in few precise words (Jonassen, 2000).  The term conflicting responsibilities is not precise, and therefore the individual might experience difficulty in understanding the problem. In order to solve the problem, a proper understanding is necessary. The individual has to search for ways of dealing with conflicting responsibilities. The terms ‘ways of dealing with conflicting responsibilities’ can be replaced by ‘ways of scheduling responsibilities.’ ccording to Jonassen (2000), words have strong implicit meaning. As a result, words play a major role in the manner in which one perceives a problem.

Exposing Challenges and Assumptions

All problems have at least one assumption attached. There are various assumptions linked to the problem presented in the scenario (Hayes, 2013). The first assumption is that weekday job will always last from 9 am to 6 pm. This cannot always be the case since the job might take more or less time. It can also be assumed that classes will always take place between 6 pm and 10 pm. Thus, there is the question whether other activities will be affected if classes take longer than expected. In addition, the scenario assumes that online classes will always take place regardless of various communication problems. One sibling is also assumed to live two miles away. This might not be the case because people can change location. Lastly, medical cost can fluctuate. By testing every assumption for validity, one brings more clarity to the problem at hand.

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Chunking Up

This involves viewing the problem from a wider perspective (Hayes, 2013). Every problem is essentially a portion of a greater problem. The scenario describes a problem, which is sub-problem of another larger problem. For instance, the general viewpoint of the scenario is disorganization. By dealing with disorganization, the individual is likely to deal with conflicting responsibilities, which is the sub-problem. Conflicting responsibilities are essentially part of lack of life planning.

Chunking Down

This involves developing a narrow perspective concerning the problem (Hayes, 2013). According to Hayes (2013), every problem is a sub-problem of another larger problem. The problem presented by the scenario contains other examples of problems. For example, the scenario explains that the individual is likely to have high level of cholesterol, high blood pressure, and obbesity. Apparently, these health problems might be caused by having a poor lifestyle, which is linked to a long-term disorganization of life events.

Finding Multiple Perspectives

This involves looking at the problem from various angles. The scenario can be examined from various perspectives during this phase. In the scenario, the problem is to find ways of scheduling the activities properly so that they do not conflict. One perspective that can be taken is that of the children who either play soccer or participate in the band. Such a perspective will indicate dangers of not attending soccer or band. According to Hayes (2013), looking at the problem from various viewpoints is an effective way of having instant understanding of new overlooked directions.

Using Effective Language Constructs

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This involves formulating multiple problem statements (Hayes, 2013). It should be noted that there is no single formula that can be used to construct all the problem statements. The individuals can assume various solutions. In the case scenario, the individual can ask himself or herself such question as ‘How can the degree be completed within two years while taking care of the children?’ Another construct that can be formulated when dealing with the problem is ‘Can the paper be postponed and done after attending the soccer tournament?’ Essentially, this involves framing the problem as a question that should be answered using multiple assumptions.

Making the Problem Engaging

The problem solving methods should be exciting in order to enable an individual to solve it (Hayes, 2013). The problem statement should not subject an individual to tight boring schedule. In the case scenario, it is possible to miss the children’s soccer tournament, and compensate the damages done to the children by taking them to picnics. This is enjoyable and exciting to both the children and the parent.

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