Custom «Custom Coursework» Essay Paper

Custom «Custom Coursework» Essay Paper

According to William S. Wallace’s book Field Manual 3-0; Headquarters, Department of the Army, simultaneity involves concurrent combination of defensive as well as offensive tasks which will effectively destabilize the enemy and ensure that peace is achieved. The operational commanders must be well versed in information about the scope of operation of the enemy and,  civil conditions. They are also obliged to  establish the most appropriate actions that will stall the enemy's operations and the enemy's effective synchronization (Wade, 2008).  

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Simultaneity also involves subjecting the enemy to more demands so that they are not  able to cope with in-depth  operations. Thishinders the enemy's further reactions. For success to be achieved during an operation, the strategies set by the operational commanders must be adhered to by the tactical commanders in the battle field./p>

Synchronization, on the other hand, is anarrangement of military response, such as timing, proper strategies or decisions, as well as selecting the place to execute them. It is the act of executing several related tasks simultaneously in different areas in order to  achieve the success.

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The army's operational initiative is to clearly define ways of action throughout their mission in order to attack, capture and exploit their mission or initiative. The initiative is the source of the army's spirit to accomplish the mission which is to seize, exploit and pursue to realize the desired results. To achieve the initiative, the commander must be able to assess the situation on the ground and be ready to take the necessary risks as well as exploit the available opportunities.The initiatiave forms the spirit of all  army's operations and directly affects their performance or success (Wade, 2008). p;   

Lethal actions during operations are characterized by swift actions towards the enemy. This also involves attacking the enemy at the time when they least expect and employing the methods which the enemy least expects you to use. This shock emanating from sudden violence will stall all  enemy's strategies and stability hence the mission is accomplished.

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Nonlethal actions are characterized by the  soldiers providing civil supportto the people during reconstruction as well as ensuring stability. This may also involve supporting the residents economically, and also helping  establish the infrastructure, such as communication links. The army can encourage  people to stop supporting the enemy and only cooperate with the army, which makes it hard for the enemy to effectively operate. This rapport between the army and the people paralyses the enemy (Wallace, 2008).

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