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Complexities of Interracial Relationships

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Many decade things have been changing people’s life and way of living. There have been many communities in the world with different cultural believes ("beliefs"). Those communities have stayed for many years without interaction. The existing change and improvement in technology has led to interaction of people from different parts of the world. People have intermarried and gave birth to children who do not have specific culture. David Mura writes many poems tackling culture and other believes. After marrying a wife from another community he faces a lot of challenges and his daughter who is an half cast. She does not have any culture or people to associate with since she does not have full identity. The parents decide on what to teach her, but they fail to get appropriate answer because each community will regard her as a color person, since she is an hybrid of two different communities. Presently, individuals have different perception about culture and things have changed completely since some factors have made people to interact and abandon their culture.

There has been an effect of interdenominational relationship in each community’s traditions. Many communities in America like the Black American communities have interacted and intermarried with other white people. They have given birth to children with a new identity and they have led to alteration of cultural practices. Many people have difficulties of defining their identity and as a result they term themselves as Hybridity. Interaction has different effects it can strength cultural beliefs or destroy traditional practices.

Traditional beliefs

Mura, a Japanese-American, marries a white wife and they in turn give birth to daughter who has no identity. He told about his relationship between his daughter and wife and the desire he had for watching pornographic film. He faced racism and tribalism in his life while he grew up. He grew up in America and went to school with European American. He married a European-American wife and this made him to leave and abandon the traditional belief of his community. He admits the change in traditional belief because of their daughter who has problem of identify. They both do not know which community to classify their daughter. They have to teach her the cultural practices of the community which she resembles. She has the color for Asian- American but they do not need to teach him being white because people will regard her as “person of color” and fail to accept her in their events.

Mura’s daughter cannot have identity because she cannot be identified as Japanese American or European American, and she brings up confusion for  both parents wondering which culture and tradition to present their daughter because they are afraid to be blamed by their daughter. He admired and was attracted to white women and as a result he married a white woman. Mura did not want to follow and practice the traditional values, because he decided to marry a white lady. The traditional practices of their community demand that all people should marry from the community.  He went against the culture and this shows that he did not want to practice the traditions of their community. Mura was afraid that their daughter will pass the same discrimination as he experienced. He did not want to marry the woman from their community because he wanted to give birth to different children who will not be discriminated by other communities. The daughter does not have the color of her father or mother but she is an hybrid and this makes her not to have identity.

The worries about getting identity and traditional beliefs in Mura’s family did not stop even after marrying a woman from another community. Their daughter “Samantha” did not know which community to identify with, because of the difference in color. They had dilemma on which values and traditions to teach their daughter. This shows that people who do not want to marry for their community they want to escape the practice of their beliefs. Mura being a Japanese- American could have taught her daughter the values of his culture. The wife supported Mura’s ideas and at long last they did not decide to teach the child either of their values and traditions.

Many people have intermarried and this weakens the traditional beliefs and values for every individual. Those who want to escape the practices of their culture and traditional beliefs marry from other communities. This is evidenced when Mura is not interested in teaching the daughter the values of his own community neither for her wife. People know that after they give birth the child will not have any specific community to be identified with, and this leads to abandonment of traditional beliefs, because neither of the parents tradition can the child be told. All parents have the responsibility of teaching their children the way of living and the traditional beliefs of their community and values. When a man marries outside the community he does not practice those beliefs anymore, since he has to give his wife respect, and this result to abandoning of some beliefs. The Black American community belief that a woman should not have any decision and men should make decision to govern the family. They beliefs that decision made by men final and bidding. When a black American man marries from other communities like European-American he should abandon this traditional belief and let the wife make decision and decide for herself on how to do in order to keep the family and herself moving. Many people who do not want to change they marry and divorce within short period of time.

Popular Culture Belief

There many cultures' beliefs practiced by individuals from different communities. Each community has is own practices and beliefs which they teach their people. The communities differ in the way they perceive things. The Black American community in America has many values which they practice and cultural beliefs. People have gone to school and they get influenced by new things they face to change and stop practicing their cultural beliefs. Many people have intermarried and this does not have a result of escaping cultural beliefs. Mura says that he did not marry a woman from European- American because he wanted to stop practicing the cultural beliefs. He wrote that he had desire love for white women. He liked white women and this made him to fall in life with the woman who he later married.

Mura had desire for pornography and this is what made him to marry a white woman. Those people who marry outside the community they like their culture and they really need to practice it but at the end they find themselves in a situation which they never expected. Mura did not know by marrying a white woman he can stop practicing the culture and give birth to children without identity. He was driven by love which he had for white women and he found himself in a dilemma after he gave birth to a baby girl who they did not know which cultural practices to teach the girl. After marrying he realized he could not practice cultural beliefs and pass them to their daughter but he did not worry about it and this means he could have been finding ways for abandoning cultural beliefs. When people go to school they interact and mingle with different tribes and races. At the end they create a relationship which finally ends in marriage. Those people do not know anything about the culture but they are driven by forces of love.

It is necessary, when a person gets married to a woman from another race to abandon the culture. The family does not follow any culture but they create their own culture. Those families come up with their new cultural beliefs because when they practice one culture it may create conflict in the family. The Black American community has interacted with the white and they have intermarrying and gave birth to children who have no culture and they cannot create their own culture because they work face rejection by other communities culture and this makes them to loose interest in any culture. This shows that the issue of interracial marriage has nothing to do with the cultural practices. Mura wanted to practice cultural beliefs because he got worried about the culture to teach her daughter. He believed in cultural practices but he married a white woman. 


Cultural practices and traditions have existed for many years. All children are born without knowing anything regarding the culture or traditional belief. Traditional beliefs are learned and all people can learn new ideas. Many people have abandoned their cultural beliefs. Modern world has made people to change and regard themselves as modern generation and formed their own beliefs. The change in technology and introduction of things like social media has led to change of cultural beliefs because people learn new ways of life through social media. Human beings learn everything that comes across and due to the change in technology people have abandoned their traditions and cultural beliefs. Those who have intermarried have abandoned their traditional practices because traditionally people were not suppose to marry from another community. This can be viewed as one way of abandoning traditional practice.


The change and advancement in technology has led to increase and change of cultural belief among many communities. People should be flexible and change according to the demand of technology. Currently, people need to work in order to earn their living. They should be determined on how to improve their living standards and not how to practice cultural believe. Some traditions limit people from working some jobs and those traditions should be abandoned. Many traditions were enacted by individuals and they did it to suit their interest. People should practice those cultural beliefs which are beneficial.


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