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Several approaches can be used to revise an essay to appropriate standards. Every essay revising approach is unique but the outcome is the same. Revising an essay basically means checking and correcting errors in an essay to make it more informative. The first approach is the bricklayer method. In this approach, the writer counter checks every sentence and paragraph before proceeding to the next. Unlike other approaches, this method ensures that all the points in the paragraph are clearly defined in relation to the subject at hand. For instance, the writer will ensure that the introduction has a clear definition of the subject with a properly written thesis. This approach gives the writer an ample opportunity to ensure that the initial part of a paragraph needs to have a correlation with the rest of the paragraph. Compared with other revision approaches like the architect, this approach is more accurate but it is a slow approach (Nadell, Langan & Comodroms, 2010). 

The other technique of revising an essay is the oil paint. This approach means that, the writer has to sorts out his or her ideas with the aim of writing with limited consciousness. Unlike in the first approach, oil pant approach enables the writer to jolt down many ideas at ago and sort them through the main revision. It is a perfect method of constructing an essay within a limited time. The writer can easily align points and ideas coherently. This approach ensures that the writer has adequately supported every topic sentence with relevant information and descriptive details. Just like the first approach, this approach also ensures that the essay is underpinned on a certain logical plan and there is a flow among paragraphs (Turley, 2000).

Buy custom Writing Essays essay

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