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Virtual Classrooms

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A virtual classroom consists of education activities being conducted online and learning resources are also available which are free and easy to access. This means that students don’t have to travel to school and have face to face lectures with the teachers but can access these lectures at the comfort of their homes. These classrooms have developed due to the advancement in technology and the schools adopting this technology with the aim increasing the number of student’s intake in these schools due to increased demand for education.

It is proven that web based learning or rather use of virtual classrooms is an efficient method of learning, in which students who go through this system are as competent as the ones who attend the classes physically. Some people disagree with this claiming that students experience social isolation, where they cannot have fun with other students or share their personal experiences unlike the students who attend classes personally. They argue that education does not only entail reading of books but it also involves one developing well physically, mentally and socially.

On the other hand schools are now able to register more students in their schools because not all of them have to attend the classes physically. This kind of learning saves the students time and cash, as opposed to the students who have to travel to and from the school. Also virtual schools save a lot of money because they don’t have to employ some employees such as security officers and Janitors. The teachers are at a greater position to monitor and interact with the students because they can easily identify the students who’ve not been attending classes and the ones who need some more assistance in some fields of study.  The greatest of all is that it makes the learning process easy because, one can access notes, exams and lectures easily online.

Virtual classrooms have been of great help in expansion and improvement of the learning process because students can access learning materials and lectures easily. This has made it possible for more people to access good education at an affordable cost.

Buy custom Virtual Classrooms essay

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