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US Education System

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The most urgent need in reforming and amplifying the American education system lies in enriching and standardizing the curriculum. Other requirements in education reform could include introduction of charter schools to compete with ordinary private schools, reconstituting the US teacher workforce will also help in ensuring that qualified and well-motivated teachers can join the ranks. Nevertheless, the curriculum remains the most prominent and urgent education reform agenda in the US. The states’ education partisans, legislatures both national and state-based, education experts and the federal officials governing education portfolios must join hands in developing a standardized curriculum that emphasizes on developing the innovativeness, genius and creativity of each child in line with the information age.   

A good curriculum should feature a content scope and sequence that makes dynamic integration of new knowledge with that already available in books as part of the formal course work. This calls for the private sectors and public sector to join hands and pick the best brains that runs the economy and the government, in developing curriculum’s teaching materials in resonance with the challenges facing America today. This will also call for increased accessibility of software applications and commercial textbooks as part of the pedagogy used by teachers in teaching the curriculum, discipline must also form a core part of the system since how well students are behaved is directly proportional to how well they perform (U.S. Department of Education). To do this, student feedback must continually be included in policy formulation.

Buy custom US Education System essay

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