Custom «University Education» Essay Paper

Custom «University Education» Essay Paper

People have always disagreed on the importance and relevance of university education. Some people argue that this education had meaning in the past, but it has lost meaning in the recent years. Those against tertiary education say that the education exposes students to unfair competition, which may discourage the students, who are bright. Others believe that the world is evolving and that a different system of education should be introduced. However, the fact remains that this education is particularly vital since the learners learn a lot from it. It exposes students to a different world from which they used to know. This exposure helps them to become self reliant, and it prepares them for future life. This education also enables them to choose their careers, which they rely on in their whole life.


Secondary students should not view university as only a different level in the learning process. Rather, they should consider it as a component of human development, which is valuable. Tertiary education does not only provide skills, required in the labor market, at a higher level. University education provides essential training for doctors, lawyers, nurses, engineers, civil servants, humanists, scientists, entrepreneurs, social scientists, and other relevant personnel. The mentioned individuals provide necessary analytical skills that help in driving the economies. They also make certain vital decisions within the society.

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In today’s world, people should have the necessary education given the effects of globalization, importance of knowledge to sphere head growth, and the revolution regarding Information, Communication Technology (ICT) revolution. “The demand for educated labour is being reconfigured by technology”, KPDS ÜDS A + PLUS English's. We all know that gaining knowledge and applying that knowledge in the field is necessary for economic development. Without knowledge, a country would suffer from lack of competitive advantage, which is essential for any global economy. It is also appealing that access to computers has become easy. The cost of telecommunication has also gone down, hence affordable to many. People, therefore, should not give any excuse for not accessing university education, and acquiring skills.

A World Bank study, done recently, indicates that a world economy, which is inclusive, can be created though growth and poverty eradication. This can only be possible if many people agreed to acquire higher education by joining colleges and universities and colleges of higher learning. This study took place in two developing countries, which integrated themselves into the global economy. These countries having participated in higher learning, experienced reduced poverty, improved health services, improved economic growth, increase the average wage, increased Growth Domestic Product (GDP). These countries recorded the highest education levels in world rankings. Studies also show that tertiary education helps to promote social cohesion, which is necessary for economic growth and development. The education plays a role in institutions’ building, bringing up favorable governance structures and constructing proper regulatory frameworks. A person will not have a comfortable life without a good education, which many consider, to be university education (Newton, 2002).

University education can be said to be a requirement, which is unique to make life comfortable. It may not be a basic requirement, but given the current competition, one should have it to lead a comfortable life. In this case, we can say that higher education should include both college and university education. With tertiary education, an individual can secure himself a decent job. “Obtaining a post secondary Credential qualifications are tightly correlated with earnings”, said David Autor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). With a good job, it means one will be earning a reasonable salary, which will make him afford the necessities in life as well as the luxuries. People who have attended a university tend to gain skills that help them when they leave school. They become more mature than those who are secondary school dropouts, perhaps because of the life they lead while at the campus. The many assignments and research work given to them also play a vital role in shaping their lives. They are able to research on their own without the help of a teacher, and this helps them to become knowledgeable.

University education, for example, helps people to improve their social status by improving job prospects. Some other people attend a university, to develop their character and knowledge, which they did not have previously. This leads to self-improvement. In the university, individuals are able to specialize, say sciences or even arts. These areas are further specialized into specific areas. For example, a person can go to a university with an aim of studying science. He may further specialize be picking a unit such as Biology, and that becomes his area of specialization. Earning a title such as a “doctor”, a “teacher” or any other title makes some people feel proud ofthemselves. This gives them a respectable social status. Some other individuals go for higher learning, simply to help humankind, having gained enough knowledge. These are the people, whose certain careers make their passion. Some other individuals will dedicate their lives to doing research at the university. This research helps them to come up with things not known initially. For example, a researcher may come up with a cure for a deadly disease such as Aids after doing research.

 An individual can view the word in a rational manner by gaining tertiary education. Ignorance becomes eliminated through higher education and many mysteries get resolved also through education. Once an individual gets university education, he can see the facts that are there in life. It is crucial to note that it is not all individuals, who are lucky enough to have tertiary education. Such people should get online tertiary education, which currently available. Distance learning is also an option to those people who want to pursue tertiary education. Through the advancement of technology, many colleges and universities offer various course online and, in fact, many people can access them so long as they have access to the internet.

The world today is constantly changing, and a lot will be expected from the citizens since world demands have also increased. People should not feel that they spend a lot on education since money cannot be compared with what we get through education. The course is a lifetime thing, and with tertiary education, people can be capable of taking home more money than if they did not get the education. Competition is also a challenge. Nowadays almost everyone from secondary school is joining either a college or a university. Without either of education, an individual will not be able to compete competitively with other people (Fabbris, 2009).

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With a higher education, a person will get a decent job, hence considerable money. In an educational meeting at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Thomas Malone said, “Many students are now enrolling for higher education”. University education enables people to increase their earning potential. For example, a judge earns much money and cannot be compared with an individual who did not receive tertiary education. Earning money, in deed, is the basic thing as to why people prefer to go to a tertiary school. All of us would love to be employed some day in a strong position where they will be earning some large sum of money. Was it not for money many people would not attend tertiary schools; leaving a lone primary and secondary schools. Students who have never paid bill may never know how powerful money is, but their parents should take the responsibility to explain to them. However, money should not be the sole motivator when it comes to choosing careers. We should go to the field that we love most, and that way we would become proficient, efficient, and reliable employees or workers (Eugene & Holsworth 2010).

University education is also beneficial as it helps individuals to have the best insurance. Insurance in this case means that one will have a competitive edge as compared to those who did not attend a tertiary school. The best employments opportunities always go to those will higher education, such as college or university education. In the job advertisements, which we see in the newspapers or on the internet, they always ask for such qualifications. Therefore, if one does not have such qualifications, as required by the company, he does not get the job opportunity. Nowadays, employers want employees who have rounded skills and qualifications. In fact, currently skills prevail over experience. Tertiary education exposes students to several principles and ideas, and this exposure is what employers want when undergoing the recruitment process.

Once a person gets tertiary education, he gains confidence, and especially, self-confidence. Students with this education, and who have gained self-confidence tend to believe in themselves, and prove more efficient in their work. This confidence helps them at both the personal level, as well as the professional level. A person with confidence will be able to get out there, and look for a job. Such a person will also be able to do other thorough job when given the chance. Companies are nowadays looking for employees who will do work with little supervision. Such a person must have self confidence. Tertiary education is, therefore, necessary. When an individual proves that he has confidence, the company will automatically pick him, and retain him in that job through giving him right remuneration.

According to Washburn, 2005,   “University learning is the best way to prepare students to flourish in a globalized world”. Student’s outlook becomes improved when a person attends a university or a college. Apart from receiving the degree, an individual leaves university with characters that are crucial in day to day activities. For example, most university alumni are able to relate with their job colleagues because of the exposure given to them while at the university. In the university, they meeet people from different countries, regions, and people with different background and culture. Within the four years at the university, they learn how to cope with these diverse groups of people. Virtues such as honesty, compassion, empathy, and sympathy get acquired while in the college or at the university. Individuals who posses these virtues are always able to relate with other people, hence advantageous relations in the workplace or elsewhere.

An important point to note is that university education should be given to both men and women. Now that, women have understood the role of education, nowadays they are joining even courses such as Engineering, previously associated with men. According to Chronicle of higher education, “A university education is still a prerequisite for entering some of the great guilds, such as medicine and law”. We also have women who are politicians, prime ministers, computer scientist, among others. When women receive university education they become helpful people in the society. They become able to provide for the family lightening the burden on their husbands. Women who have acquired university education are usually self-reliant. They can make their own decisions and are able to fight for their rights, since they know them. This leads to women empowerment. When everyone gets a chance to receive higher education, the society shall become a changed one because people will not be ignorant. The fight against social inequalities that exist in society is only possible through the achievement of equality in access to higher education. University education is practical in most countries. The practical nature of education exposes students to real life issues, which they learn how to handle themselves.

Access to university education should not be based on cost. Some students are bright, but they end up not accessing the education because of its affordability. Some people view this as discrimination. To study in a reputable university such as Harvard University, one must invest a lot of money in education. This money is not always available especially to the poor. This leads to wasting a potential student, who would have become a key person in the future. Governments should get measures to ensure that whoever gets university entry qualification, in deed, joins a university of his choice. The governments should find a way of subsidizing education in such institutions. One of the ways to solve the problem of cost is to set up such institutions in almost each continent and review the criteria for admission in to such institutions. For example, loans, which are refundable after getting a job, should be offered to the needy students. The governments should fund the public universities to ensure that students get admission without straining their parents so much.


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It is noteworthy that individuals understand the importance of this education even though some people argue that university education is not necessary. The education can termed as expensive, but the benefits reaped after the four years cannot be compared with the fees paid to acquire the university degree. From the discussion above, it is crystal clear that a person cannot secure formal employment opportunities without either college education or university education. All the companies look for skills and knowledge, which can only be acquired through joining an institute of higher learning. University education also shapes individuals by making them responsible people. Once a nation gets responsible individuals, growth and development of such a nation becomes positive. The level of unemployment drops and the level poverty goes down, as well. When people get a university education, they rarely engage in criminal activities. Reduction of crime rate is helpful in encouraging investment, in a country. This is because the investors will not be insecure fearing that their businesses may be robbed leading to losses.

University education should be open to all people; the poor and the rich, the old and the young, and men and women. All people have equal capabilities in terms of learning. The researcher also established that some poor people are not able to access university or college education because of the high costs involved. The government, therefore, should fund the public universities. Poor, bright students should be given scholarships by the government and private bodies. This would help to ensure education to everyone. For the average income earners who also find that university education is expensive, they should enroll for online programs, which are a bit cheaper as compared to regular classes.

The advancing technology and global changes mean that higher education to students should be emphasized. Computers are changing day after day and now that their use is everywhere; in the hospitals, offices, schools, among other places, people need university education to operate such machines. Research also needs to be done, and for an individual to research on something, he must have higher education, especially from a recognized university. The importance of university education ought to be emphasized to everyone.

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