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U.S. Education

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The US economy has reached the most precarious scenario ever, since the 1930’s Great Depression. A deficit in the balance-of-payments, deficit in the current and capital account and an astounding negative balance of trade, have sounded the alarm on the economy’s vulnerability. The slow down started in 2007 and then attained a significant decline after the real-estate slump and problems with financial institutions. By December 2007, US government had officially conceded that the economy had entered a great recession. It has become increasingly important for the government to bail out major financial institutions to protect the American citizens. Such bailouts have been to the tune of half a trillion US dollars.

While the government gambles with solutions of revitalizing the economy, there are other pressing issues at hand. One of these issues is the overdue education reform. Some schools of thought believe that education reforms are more urgent and significant to the future of America than even health reforms. Such lucid comments accrue from the understanding of the failures of the K-12 education system.

Majority of scholars and the elite spectrum of education experts in the US feel and express vivid reservations on the effectiveness of the K-12 education. There is a widespread belief that the US ought to reform the way it train its young. This mandate seems dear to the incumbent administration, with president Obama taking the lead in advocating for reforms in America’s public schools.

However, the Obama administration is mainly focusing on pre-school programs, hiring and compensating effective teachers, state standardization, and the introduction of numerous charter schools. The key things being left out and what experts’ feel must also be addressed with urgency is the curriculum, modes of teaching and training innovation and creativity. Nevertheless, let us review the K-12 education system more critically and objectively appreciate its status. We will also try to compare this with the education system in China.

Buy custom U.S. Education essay

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