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Opportunities come once in a lifetime and I never want to miss my opportunity to make life better. I am an international student at Wyoming University, applying for a transfer to Colorado University to study my Business Administration major. The reason for my transfer is that I and my sister have a scholarship from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia government which requires that we are both in the same university, failure to which it will be revoked. I kindly request you to consider this financial assistance granted by the government to make my life better. Accepting this transfer will help me utilize this scholarship and be a better person in life; indeed, this degree will help me achieve my career aspirations and objectives.

I am a high performing student and with the necessary support from your administration in accepting this transfer I will work harder and more diligently. Attached with this letter, is my teacher’s recommendation of my presence in class showing that I never missed a single lesson. I am committed in my studies and always aim for the highest grades; and this can only be hindered by logistic factors and that is why I am requesting for this transfer.

In addition, studying at the same university will help me and my sister to save costs, such as travelling to visit her which will require a lot of money. It will also save the time that I spend in travelling and hence I will be able to concentrate more in my studies. Furthermore, we will be looking out for each other and hence be better positioned to work together and help each other improve our grades. I will not feel homesick; since I have a family member near me and hence this will be a factor to stimulate me work on my studies. As a family we have always worked as a team in achieving our goals and this transfer will be a great support in achieving our ambitions and aims. I am looking forward to a positive response from you and thank you in advance.

Buy custom Transfer Application essay

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