Custom «The Research Perspective» Essay Paper

Custom «The Research Perspective» Essay Paper

The research perspective in general is in agreement with the general perspective about internships. Through basing of the research through the Council for Hotel Restaurant and Institutional, the seriousness or the importance of establishing the effectiveness of internships secured through this institution is brought out. The fact that the institution was formed so as to improve the effectiveness of such internships by liaising with the universities and related hotel restaurant makes the setting even better.

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The sampling involved in this report is a convenience sampling. According to Rich Houser’s Counseling and educational Research: An evaluation and Application (1998, pg98), a convenience sampling is largely applied because it is easier to access or due to the restriction on the sampling elements which needs permission from the administrator or the authority concerned before sampling is done or a similar research may have done before.  By using a sample of 42 students who were required further to represent 28 universities, then the researcher must have settled on a convenience sample.

The sample size is too small compared to the representation intended; that is we assume that each university has got several hundreds of students who secure their internship through the Council for Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education (CHRIE) in the hospitality industry. Therefore by selecting only 42 students out of the possible several thousands of students, there must be too much generalization on which we have to make the major assumptions that the population was adequately represented.  The problem is even more complicated since out of the 42 selected only 33 participated in the research. Te response rate was very poor and puts into question the validity of the entire research exercise since to be precise the representation was about one student per the participating universities and colleges. In short, the research was properly selected and \the target group was properly chosen; the sample size and the response rate were not satisfying to give a much reliable result.

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