Custom «The Effects of the Media on Students» Essay Paper

Custom «The Effects of the Media on Students» Essay Paper

MTV has made it possible for children to listen to more than ten thousand hours of rock music. This is intensified as the children spent countless hours gazing at MTV. Our media has exposed children and teenagers to sensual images as well as violent scenes. Such influence is what is driving students to take part in violence activities because that is the information that they consume daily and that is basically what they spend most of their time thinking about. Children have a tendency to put into practice that which they have watched other people doing and that is the reason this practice gets its way in high schools and colleges. Our world has become a scary planet because of the great exposure to violence.

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Everyone has taken part in destroying the innocence of our children who are students in this schools where violence, shooting and bullying is the order of the day. One of the environments which impart violence in students is the media. It’s quite obvious that what is in the heart of a person is what comes out and whatever one thinks about is what they will end up doing. For these reason the minds of the young people are overwhelmed with violent scenes and because what is in the heart is what comes forth that is the reason they are active participants of violence at schools. Though the media people deny that this isnot the ultimate truth then the question remains where do our children learn violence from? One of the hardest realities is that the broadcast is meant to affect the lives of people therefore their no way they can say that what they air plays a little part in the violence being witnessed at our schools (Elliott, Hamburg & Williams 1998).

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The media affects our social lives and the violence that is being broadcasted on the television imparts our family and society to a very large extend. Violence is one of the common aspects of the movies that are shot. It’s the responsibility of everyone to work hard at reducing the violence that we see in our society. Basing on the amounts of violence that children are exposed to it’s very easy to predict the behavior that follows. It should not be a shock to many that our schools have become violence grounds because that is the only place where students can put to practice that which they have seen on the television. Some two prominent surgeons linked the violence and aggression in students to the media. Scientific research that has been recently done indicate that the excessive violence on the television has found it ways to the street.

A study that was carried on children for about five years indicated that aggression and violence in children with their parents or at school is related to the violence the children watch on the television. Further studies that were conducted with a number of psychologists indicated that the television habits that children acquire at age eight influence their behavior through childhood as well as adolescent. Therefore, the more violent scenes that children prefer at grade three the more aggressive their behavior become. For this reason psychologist concluded that the effects of the media on children is accumulative. Twenty years down the line after the research that was done the trend still takes course (Benbenishty & Astor, 2005).

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It’s evident through the research that has been conducted that children who watch violent scenes at age eight are more likely to take part in violent actions at their later age or even take part in child abuse before age thirty. Therefore it’s important to understand that excessive exposure to televised violence is the main cause of the violence in our society. It’s evident that violence that is aired on the television affects the youngsters be it girls or boys at whatever intelligence and socioeconomic level. The senses of youngsters and adolescents are assaulted by the images they watch on MTV. Therefore it’s important for something to be done in order to reduce the violence in our media before our society looses its sense of direction as the young people take part in violence or fall victims of violence at our learning institutions.

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