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The Educational Research

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According to Rich Houser’s Counseling and educational research: evaluation practice (1998, pg78), effective power size of a sample is the most difficult to determine. It should be determined by the researcher’s expectation of or predication on the strength of the outcome. The results are best when based on a research done previously.  The researcher in this case acknowledges that almost uniform response was received from the respondents. Therefore though the sample size was small the researcher goes a head to prove the reliability of the collected data. According to Rich Houser, (1998, pg102) we have to pass the verdict that the results were much credible though with the benefit of some doubts. Therefore we assume the power of the results were credible and pass the generalization that the research was reliable. The benefits of the internship are many and as the researcher brings out, there is a feeling that all the parties involved benefit accordingly and hence the researcher’s objective of establishing the effectiveness of internship to both the student and the restaurant involved have been achieved adequately.

As the researcher puts it, there needs to be major improvements in the internship design to give it a more effective face and increase the student-institution-organization participation and effectiveness in internships. May be after all the recommendations have been put in place further research should be carried out; this time the sample size should be increased and other data collection methods such as  interviews to the respondents be introduced to achieve more credible results.  The problems laid down by the researcher involving finance where the candidates cannot afford  to cater for all expected needs, lack of supervision in the internship period all worked very negatively for the expected results. All in all the research must be said to be a success since the objectives and the intended results are a high  level of agreement and  the data collected is a clear indication that the results as intended were very positive.

Buy custom The Educational Research essay

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