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The A-F Letter Grading System

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The A-F Letter Grading System can be termed as the main reason that is behind the motivational force that students do require in order to add more effort hence succeed in their academic endeavors.


In this regard, it is very vital that the A-F Letter Grading System be maintained in colleges and universities since as is argued in this paper, it is by far the most effective method of not only evaluating but also motivating students to perform better in different fields in the curriculum.

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In some of the institutions where the A-F Letter Grading System is not used at all, the students are on the other hand awarded certificates at the end of their course. It becomes unfortunate that it is at the employment levels that the students come to realize that they have just been walking through the academic system. The employers realize that they are employing a workforce that is semi illiterate. It is a sad scenario that without the A-F Letter Grading System, students are just pushed through the system and they realize too late that they have been doing entirely nothing for themselves but just moving from one level to another without any significant difference. In such instances, the learners end up either dropping out of school when they realize that the damage is too much and they can no longer correct themselves or even just accommodate the education system so as to complete it without any significant achievement. The A-F Letter Grading System should therefore be used as it entirely indicates to the learner whether or not he or she has failed or passed a certain point in his studies.

In his book, Sherry (553) offers an example of her son who was doing extremely poorly in his English studies. In spite of this, Sherry indicates that their son still got by although performing dismally. This was till Mrs. Stifter came by with the flunk concept. “I flunk them…. English became a priority in is life. He finished out the semester with an A” (Sherry 553). Using the A-F Letter Grading System Mrs. Stifter would clarify to Sherry’s son that if at all he failed or got the F-Grade, he would not proceed to the next level. The teacher cited that the fear of success would motivate the young boy to working harder in English and definitely performing better at the end of the day. True to her strategy, the young boy completed the semester with an A-Grade. This is a clear indication of the effectiveness that the A-F Letter Grading System has in realizing its goals.

On the other hand, no matter what sort of environment that students come from, it is very difficult to say that a child would put education first before anything else. It is in regard to this fact that it is true to state that children are only motivated to learn once they have are aware that something is at stake once they do learn or they do not learn. Once students are made aware of the fact that they would fail and end up unemployed, dependent on drugs or even end up in abusive relationships they would be motivated to learn. It is impossible to say that such sense would be created in students unless the A-F Letter Grading System is continually used in colleges and universities. As Sherry (554) indicates, “People of all ages can rise above their problems, but they need to have a reason to do so.” In this regard, if at all colleges and universities would in any way eliminate the A-F Letter Grading System then students would not be looking forward to anything if at all they worked hard in academics. The A-F Letter Grading System should therefore be maintained so as to offer the students the satisfaction and motivation that by reading harder, they would get the A-Grade and recognized as excellent students.

Finally, it is also appreciative to recognize the fact that the A-F Letter Grading System could be a cause of failure in schools. As Rose (188) indicates, grades form part of extrinsic forms of motivation to students. In this regard, it can be effectively argued that since extrinsic sources of motivation are responsible for the reduction of the intrinsic motivation in students to learn, grades could be doing more harm than good. The case of Rose herself is a perfect example of this. She cites that “I suppose I’d be mediocre for too long….” (Rose 188). She indicates that she is very much appreciative of the fact that Jack McFarland was the teacher that eliminated all the extrinsic sources of motivation that had been attached to her education. Form that point, she says that she loved reading since she was made to feel special from her brain by Jack. This was despite the fact that she was not one of the favorite students that Jack taught. In the long run, her story ends up a success simply because the A-F Letter Grading System was eliminated and she developed her own reasons as to why she wanted to excel. This came from within and even lasted for a lifetime.


Having the A-F Letter Grading System in our colleges and universities can be said to be a huge investment in the education sector. As is expressed in the paper, the A-F Letter Grading System goes a long way in helping both students and instructors to have a clear picture of where they are coming from and where they are going. It therefore clarifies the current successes and failures hence preparing adequately the student and the instructor for a future that is relatively known.

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