Custom «Teaching Techniques» Essay Paper

Custom «Teaching Techniques» Essay Paper

Teaching is the process of passing ideas or information to the learner so that they can gain knowledge about the topic in discussion. Teaching varies it may be formal or informal. Formal teaching takes place in learning institution, for example, schools while informal teaching takes place at home either by the child parents or the child themselves. Teaching begins from an early stage after giving birth of the baby until he or she completes all process. Early childhood teaching is vital to the child.  It equips the child with basic learning, and it should be done in a way that the child will get information in an easier way. To enhance these teachers have to come up with some teaching technique to be used so as to enhance learning to the child. (Beecher, Dockett, & Farmer, 2008)

Teaching technique refers to the principles and ways used for providing instruction. The choice of teaching technique used varies depending the information and skills that the teacher wants to pass. Teaching technique influences the group under the teaching that is in terms of their class and age respectively. There are many teachings techniques used in children between the ages of 0-2 years in various learning institution and am going to discuss them.


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This teaching technique involves teaching by use of examples or illustration. Demonstration technique helps in proving of facts to the child so to enable the child to know what they are learning in their environment. This is technique is significant it helps the child in memorization as it aids in reduce the imagination the child have. This is because the child will know exactly what they are learning thus, grasping a lot out of it. In addition, demonstration helps in enhancing the interest of the child to a specific thing as it provides connection between facts and real world application. (Macnaughton & Williams, 2009)

This is the best technique for young children because it is more practical as compared to other techniques. Children tend to learn more with this technique because it uses teaching aid. Also, this method is not discriminatory to race, culture. But, a big challenge is when dealing with children with a disability. This because the blind may be able to to see what the teachers demonstrates. This will lead to teacher looking for better techniques to enhance children to know what they are teaching. (Sawyer, 2006)

The advantage of this method is that it is practical and exposes children to real practical issue, thus, enabling children to real world situation which helps solve the problem of imagination in children.

Disadvantage of this method is that this method is expensive in acquisition of materials to be used in demonstration in class for children. Some schools may not afford this materials to be used in practical for the children, also, this technique is not appropriate with the person with a disability because other children may not be able to see demonstrations in class. Thus, becoming a challenge for the eacher to find the best technique for demonstrating to them.

An aim of this technique is to enable children know the facts as they grow up. With the use of demonstration children will be able to learn of things in a practical way thus; making them know the real world situation.


Reading together with the child is vital in the learning process. This enables the child to know how to pronounce words in an easier way. Reading for children should be using of easy words those basic words that the child understands well. Reading also enables children below the age of two years to like reading because it creates more interests about learning. This is due the learning process involves a lot of reading. Once the teacher is through with reading he or she should give them time study on their own so that they can know how they understand, reading for children may include numbering, and short descriptive stories. (Macnaughton & Williams, 2009)

Reading may not be effective in areas where access to reading materials is difficult like in poor countries. Also, reading requires lots of patience from the teacher, sometimes children are not keen in class that may not get the words in an easier way.

Children with a disability may not know to read thus making it difficult for them. Teachers in this case should use extraordinary material for the blind children. This is use of brails as a reading technique for the children.  It requires teachers in this case to undertake special training in using these materials. (Beecher, Dockett, & Farmer, 2008)

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Advantage of this method is that it makes children to learn pronounce words at an early stage thus equipping their reading skills at an early stage.

Disadvantage of this method is that it may be expensive due to buying books, which some schools may not afford to do so; this is especially in poor states of the world. Also, special material for the disabled people is expensive in terms of requirement of teachers to undertake special training.

The goal of this technique is to improve the reading skills of young children at an early stage. This technique is vital for young children because poor reading skills among many children resulted from the first stage of learning. Enabling this involves exposing children to reading materials at an early stage.


This is a unique technique that teachers use when teaching children. Problem solving involves correcting a problem when it does occur. This is immense because it enables the child to know where they have done wrong, without doing so children may not be able to know where they are wrong. Problem solving should be one to one basis as it will enable the teacher to directly correct the child and give more explanation until the child knows how to it right. (Moos, 1979)

Advantage of this technique is that errors when teaching children is that correection takes place at  an early stage thus preventing future problems which may be unsolvable  in the future.

This technique requires the teacher to be close with the children so that they can understand the real problem of child. It is usually difficult to find the exact problem the child is suffering from. In some cases, race may be able among children, subjecting children to racism will affect their thinking about people of other race. Also, some children have a more complicated disability problem thus making it difficult for the teacher to know the problem facing the child. Poverty may also be a problem to the child because this affects the way of their living thus their social life as they grow up. (Osborne, Salzberger, & Writtenberg, 1999)

Advantage of this method is that is that teachers are able to identify and solve problems at early stages. For instances children usually hide their problems this due to fear. In addition, problem solving helps children correct where they have done wrong. With correction, it makes the children learn doing things in the correct way.

Disadvantage of this method is that it some problems facing children are difficult to identify. This may be because some children cannot speak up for themselves. Also, some problems are cause of social set up the children resulting in children shying to say what their problem is. Another disadvantage of this technique is that a teacher needs to be patient when dealing with children. This is because some problems may take long before they come out clearly.

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Purpose of this technique is to ensure children learn doing things in the right way. This is because it will help young children know to do things in the right way in an early stage. Also, this technique helps parents understand their children at an early stage thus knowing where to improve before it gets worse. Teachers also will be able to know the problems of young children thus finding ways of dealing with them.


Young children need much attention in their early stage of learning. The way of teaching them will shape their future way of studying. Teachers need to be careful when handling young children. Appropriate techniques should be used when teaching these young children. Using appropriate technique well aid in children learning more and be able to memorize them in the future. Parents at home should also take more time with their children and use appropriate technique to teach their children. Use of learning materials especially with children is the best for young children. From experience, it has been evident that children understand more when there is the use of practical demonstration and experiment.

Children with a disability should be given extra care when handling them. Their disability should be identified at an early stage so that special techniques are in use in teaching them. Giving disabled children more care they will grow up knowing that disability in not a problem and use it as their strengths.

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