Custom «Student’s Communication» Essay Paper

Custom «Student’s Communication» Essay Paper

From the onset, the researchers are clear on the premise of their research. The basis of this study was that the online community is widely held as the most important prerequisite for successful course. The setting of the research is equally clear. The research was carried out in the University of Pretoria in South Africa. The participants of the research were post graduate students in web based learning. The research followed the standardized scientific criteria. It had an abstract, background, literature review, the methodology, the discussions and the conclusion.

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The researchers attained credibility by first carrying out an extensive literature review on the topic of study. This enabled them to link their work with what has been done previously. Moreover, the research added new information in this field as it builds on the previous works. They incorporated other’s work with much impartiality nd objectivity. They extensively analyzed the importance of participation in online discussion by the students. Among the key contributions of the study is the potential of online discussions to improve general learning. They also highlighted on the need for community of learning as well as finding out the challenges facing poor online students. 

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The researches methodology was a mixed extensive one. They used various qualitative methods which allowed them to probe different perception and reactions. The content analysis was conducted using the software like students’ blog postings, online quiz and examination essays. This gave their study credibility. The mixed methodology approach was used to investigate the link between online activity and discussion posting to learning and course completion. The study also investigated how students’ collaborative behavior and integration into the commuunity relates to success.

The researchers clearly communicated their findings which revealed significant differences between the stratification of student performance. It was also reveled that the students who expect little access can increase their benefit by managing their log-in time effectively. Also realized were significant difference in both the postings and the student’s grade groups. It was also clear that organizing students into online groups also encouraged them to participate.

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The research clearly showed the link between successful course completion and the students level of contribution to discussions, the ratio of their replies to others posts and their integration into others community. The study therefore achieved its main objective establishing the facts on online participation by students and communicating such findings with simplicity.

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