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Writing is an online job offered by prestigious companies aimed at tapping the potential of good writers worldwide. The job involves taking assignments from students of all levels starting from high school to university level.  University students have different categories, namely bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and the top category known as Ph.D. At the university level, assignments vary from one’s field of expertise to a field that one lacks knowledge about, when it gets to this extreme one is required to embrace the use of creative thinking to meet the client’s specifications. Failure to live up to this specifications results to a revision that seeks further explanation or addition of lacking information.

After school I landed a job at a big company, unfortunately, duties that were assigned to me were not challenging; this left me to feel guilty. Luckily, I learnt of the writing and decided to try it. This is a wonderful job because it has enabled me to facilitate learning in the world through working on these assignments, something I desired even from my childhood.  Secondly, the job is the most convenient to my schedules since I am in a position to work from the comfort of my couch. Additionally, the payment is rewarding because one can be paid good money per page.

As a writer, I have a wealth of experience in the formatting the papers: modern language association (MLA), American Psychological Association (APA) and, lastly, Harvard style of writing. In the future, I wish to try Chicago writing style. Although writing is a good job, disadvantages include working up to odd hours when an order is urgent. It is also very disheartening when an order is sent back for a revision; you have then a feeling of unworthiness. My strengths are the ability to answer literature, business and writer choice related questions very fast.  Considering that ESL students are not conversant with English language, writing might be very hectic. However, experience and competence are gained through past errors and corrections.

It is crucial to register for writing classes as an ESL student. In writing, there is a number of opportunities that help in learning the use of English and the application of its rules . The grammar lessons learnt will help an ESL student improve his language knowledge and perfect pronunciation. The disadvantages of taking a writing class are that if one is not fast in mastering, it might take a little longer to get to completion of the course. The advantages associated with taking writing classes are becoming a teacher of writing, or making profits from helping in completing assignments of students from all over the world. 

Buy custom Student Profile essay

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