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Student, Law and Public School

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Why is it important in today’s environment?

It led’s to development of legal defensible code of students conduct by ensuring that the rights of students are protected, Allows students officials to disseminate rules that allow them to exercise a reasonable degree of control over students under supervision. Students are subject to reasonable rules and regulation promulgation by school officials, they do enjoy personal rights that must be recognized and respected by school officials’ school rules are necessary to ensure proper order and modesty they should not be vague and ambiguous in interpretation. Helps students understand there rights. Helps governs the way students conduct in an institution also facilitates, maintains order and peaceful school environment.(Essex,Nathan L. 1999.P.g45)

Discuss some of the pro’s and con’s of programs created for students with exceptional needs.


Inclusion is valuable in integrating students with disabilities into regular school programs benefiting them from these arrangements. Benefits are conferred to students with disability when they attend public schools, interactions and socializing with other minimizes stigmatization and isolation.(Essex,Nathan L.1999.P.g 95)


The concept of inclusion in regular classrooms teachers across the country may be challenged to meet the needs of these students with disability teachers may not be prepared to handle them. Teachers my not be willing to provide special education services during the inclusion period. Reasonable standards of care by school districts is required, these means that the district must be properly prepared to meet the diverse needs of students. These calls for systematic and continuous training as well as appropriate developed policy and procedures regarding the teachers role and the students with disability.(Essex, Nathan L.1999.P.g95)

Buy custom Student, Law and Public School essay

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