Custom «Sex Education vs. Teenage Pregnancy» Essay Paper

Custom «Sex Education vs. Teenage Pregnancy» Essay Paper

Sex education is the process by which people obtain information as well as beliefs about sex and the relationships that exist among teenagers especially with the opposite sex. Sex education is meant to improve the skills of young people so that they are able to make good choices in their lives. Teenagers have a right to sex education since it assists them in understanding their rights and thus protecting them from both sexual abuse and exploitation that lead to teenage pregnancy as well as sexually transmitted diseases. Besides, sex education helps the young people to understand affairs that affect their lives and make them feel comfortable in their relationships. Basically, sex education should be increased in schools so as to prevent problems such as teenage pregnancy although there are some reasons why it may be inappropriate to offer it in schools.

Support for sex education in schools

From a research done recently on whether sex education should be offered in schools, showed that the idea of sex education in schools has been controversial. This is because most of the people support the idea while others do not believe that sex education can aid in curbing teenage pregnancy and other problems. Actually, sex education assists the teenagers in comprehending their reproductive system and the birth control methods that are appropriate for preventing unwanted pregnancy. Therefore, the education is not only beneficial to the student but to the parents and teachers as well. Parents and teachers benefit in such a way that they escape the embarrassment that can be caused by their teenage girls getting pregnant at such at early age.

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Sex education also enables the teenagers to dispel myths, which are often misleading. For instance, there is a myth which states that a girl cannot get pregnant during her first intercourse. Most girls follow the myth but end up being pregnant at a very tender age. Most of the teenagers get pregnant due to lack of comprehension on sexual matters. They rely on wrong information which misleads them. Sex education helps in revealing the truth to the teenagers because it consists of facts. Therefore, it should be used increasingly in schools to curb such problems. The truth is that anyone can get pregnant regardless of the age, time and background.   

Studies have proved that most of the teenagers are usually sexually active before they are introduced to sex education. Those students who get sex education at an early age have proved to be more responsible and most of them abstain from sex because they understand the risks associated with early sex. That is the reason why schools become the best place to offer sex education although some may oppose the idea.

Ideally, sex education should be offered by parents but most of them do not have the required knowledge while others feel uncomfortable when discussing the topic on sexuality with their teenagers. Hence, the education needs to be offered in schools and becomes very effective especially when incorporated in a wide program of education that concerns: relationships that exist among people of the opposite sex; responsibilities for every person; ethical and religious features associated with sexuality.

An appropriate program in sex education must be introduced in schools to curb the rising rate of teenage pregnancy. The program should ensure that the teenagers understand the different concepts used in sexuality. Importantly, it should educate teenagers on how to cope with body hormones as well as the positive effects that arise from abstinence. The program should also incorporate the birth control pills that are essential in preventing pregnancy. However, there are some girls who come from religions where birth control methods are prohibited, and in spite of this, most of them end up getting pregnant at an early age. Therefore, sex education is very essential and has got more positive effects especially o the parents and students.

Another important reason as to why sex education should be introduced in schools to curb sex-related problems is because; sex is usually a very strong force that initiates during teen years. In addition, matters related to self-esteem spin around issues associated with sex. So, girls should be taught on how valuable virginity is and they should never feel alienated because they do not have boyfriends. Besides, they should be made to understand that feelings are normal due to the hormonal actions in the body but they should always know how to control themselves.

Increasing sex education in schools to prevent problems such as teenage pregnancy is beneficial because students require a place where they can deal with their thoughts and feelings openly without anyone placing a judgment on them. In addition to that, providing sex education to them increases their chances of asking questions and get the correct answers. The education favors most of the students since many parents never give them such kind of an atmosphere. If students do not obtain their answers on sexuality in the class, they proceed to find for themselves by engaging in sex thus leading to pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. A certain author said that, “but I can almost guarantee that a high percentage of unwanted teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases are the result of sexually uneducated minds participating in self-taught sex education methods. In other words, they weren't informed of the risks involved and proceeded with self experimentation” (Kohler et al, 2008).

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Sex education should be used in all schools since the teenagers need to know the possible outcomes of physical intimacy between two people of the opposite sex. From the consequences, the teenagers are able to understand that such kind of intimate relationships can lead to unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, abortions and dropping out of school. Thus most of them fear those problems at their age and thus try as much as possible to avoid such kind of relationships. This can therefore lead to a decline in the number of pregnant teenagers in the schools. I do not know of any other place where students can get proper information concerning sex apart from schools, where they are well educated on various issues that would have a lot of impact in their lives.

Teenage is a very a very important stage but very risky. It is the time when teenagers get introduced to new things in the world. Many attributes at this stage spin around matters related to sex. Boys and girls are able to express their emotions and they experience an inevitable sexual attraction towards people of the opposite sex. Besides, their minds become active sexually. It does not mean that they engage in sex but much of their attention lies on sexual matters. Therefore, unless teenagers get proper sex education, then the rate of problems related to sex such as teenage pregnancy will never decline in schools.

Since knowledge is power, some people think that sex education will make the teenagers become worse and adventurous. On the other hand, this form of knowledge enables them to come out of the risky effects associated with promiscuous sex. Importantly, this education should also consider the physiological reality of the act so that it becomes very effective. Besides, students benefit from sex education when done by an experienced psychologist instead of the gym teachers, who might not be very serious. The psychologist helps the students in fighting the psychological mind games played by sex on them. Hence, it becomes very beneficial to them and thus can lead to a great decline in teenage pregnancy because they get to know the methods of fighting the psychological mind games of sex.

The concept of sex should be well explained in schools because most of the parents are never responsible and also do not admit that their sons and daughters are in aa different stage in their lives. More to that, most of the children who come from unstable marriages may not have time with their parents to discuss issues related to sex. So, the school becomes the only place where such children can acquire sex knowledge. If sex education is not done in schools especially for the sake of such children, then teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases become very rampant among teenagers. So sex education should increasingly be used in schools to curb teenage pregnancy and other negative consequences.

Sex education in schools enable them understand that sex is not a game but a great and serious responsibility. They are educated on how to protect themselves so that they can be safe. Besides they learn on alternative ways of intimacy with their loved ones other than sex. Moreover, they are made to understand that they should not have sex because other people do. In spite of the great pressure on teens to engage in sex, they are taught on how deal with the pressure by not giving in. Therefore, there are many good ideas learnt by teenagers on how to handle sexual matters and that is why sex education can aid in curbing consequences of sex such as teenage pregnancy.

In Canada, for instance, sex education has been used increasingly in schools to prevent unwanted teenage pregnancy. This has become very successful since the pregnancy rate among the teenagers has reduced drastically (Kohler et al, 2008).  

Reasons against sex education in schools

On the other hand, sex education can turn out to be unnecessary depending on the material to be discussed. The material should always be delivered to the students in an effective manner and if that is not the case, then it should not be delivered to them.

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To start with, a certain topic in sex education can make the students feel embarrassed or become easily stimulated. This makes students from out-of-control classrooms to behave in a funny manner while some of them make unsuitable remarks. Besides, it can increase teenage pregnancy instead of reducing them because the student are unable to control themselves and end up having sex to fulfill their desires. Hence, this becomes one of the reasons why sex education should not be introduced in schools to curb teenage pregnancy.

Secondly, education on sexual matters tends to go against many religious and ethical beliefs. This is because most of the schools do not emphasize on abstinence as the safest method of preventing pregnancy, but teach the students on how to engage themselves in safe sex. Actually, many religions as well as family standards are usually against sex, whether safe or unsafe, until marriage. So, this is another reason why sex education should not be introduced in schools to prevent teenage pregnancy.

Another reason why sex education should not be taught in schools to curb teenage pregnancy is because students do not take it serious. It is commonly perceived as a recreational course in many schools since the students are never tested as they are done in the other subjects. Therefore, most of the students do not bother to listen and become very ignorant thus leading to wastage of time.

Moreover, sex education should not be introduced in schools to curb teenage pregnancy since the teachers involved in teaching the subject might not be properly trained and most of them may support their own beliefs as well as values instead of sticking to the facts. This misleads the students thus leading to ineffectiveness of this education.

In conclusion, the benefits of sex education being taught in schools outweigh the negative side of the argument. Therefore, it should be done in all schools and this can help in reducing problems such as teenage pregnancy. Parents, teachers and students should always remember that sex education is a special method of curbing the consequences of sex. Thus, it offers safety which is a responsibility.

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