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School Performance

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Race, ethnicity, culture, and identity play a role in the academic welfare of all students. Our socialization as ethnic and racial beings starts early in life and most of this socialization takes place in the course of compulsory years of schooling and even goes further during college years and beyond. Some students are straddles- students who understand the functions of both dominant nondominant cultural capital and value and embrace skills to participate in multiple cultural environments including mainstream society, their school environments, and their respective ethnoracial communities- are the ones capable of performing well in schools. On the other hand, resisters- students who are opposed to adopting white attitudes, behaviors and speech- are not performing well hence, leading to the question on what should be done to improve performance among resisters.

In order for teacher to help oppositional/resister students, they should encourage them to start socializing with students from all races, cultures, and social classes. They should view themselves as performers, with high ability to succeed. This is because the view that only white students are capable of doing well has been a key factor towards poor performance. Teachers should help resister students to change their perspectives towards white students and start interacting with them in every aspect not only regarding education, but in all spheres of life.

Educational policies that encourage interaction and exchange of ideas freely among all students should be implemented. By implementing them, they will better help these children in areas where they are vulnerable. This is because, while resister students might be willing to adopt and go beyond white cultures, there are several factors which prevent them including fear, and the feeling of inferior. They view themselves as being inferior without ability or potential to succeed like white students. Thus, since it is now apparent that resister student fails because they are tied and operate within their own surroundings with no need of adopting culture from other societies; teachers should look for appropriate means through which they will help resister go beyond their borders and learn new ideas from whites. This will enable them to improve their performance and see them competing favorably with white, and other students.

Buy custom School Performance essay

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