Custom «Quality Education should be Made Affordable and Compulsory» Essay Paper

Custom «Quality Education should be Made Affordable and Compulsory» Essay Paper

Prescriptive Argument: Good education in the USA is way too expensive for the majority middle class to afford. Majority of children from middle and low class income earning family’s are left with no option but to attend the cheap or free public schools which offer low quality standard education. Good education should be made affordable and not just available but compulsory for all. Any child born has a right not just to education, but to quality education. According to Ashlock (1996), it appears that some family’s still don’t realize the importance of good education and therefore, quality basic education should not only be made affordable and available but also compulsory.

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Descriptive Argument: As described under the millennium goals, education is a basic requirement for any person in the world. Besides general education, statistics show that the quality of education an individual gets is highly influential to that person’s future. Good education requires resources and facilities that are expensive to purchase and maintain. Therefore, good education tends to be expensive and unreachable to the common man (Ficksman, 2010). This has had an effect of creating a cycle of poor education among the majority in society. Only a few individuals manage to break through from the cycle and become wealthy. In order to break such cycle and provide equal opportunity for all kids, the government needs to facilitate for the availability and affordability of quality education (Johnson 2008). Given that some families among the middle class and poor may not understand the importance of good education, the government needs to make good education not only affordable and available, but also compulsory. This shall help in diversifying opportunities and reducing the wealthy and the middle class gap that exists today. Indeed, access to good or quality education is what governments need to consider if they are o sustainably solve other challenges in society.

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