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I have a strong background in Physics and Mathematics; therefore, a major in Engineering is the best course for me. Choosing a major has been my concern since in the 9th grade. Since I was young, I have always had an interest in how things work. As I grew, I realized that I gradually became more interested in how systems, structures and all things work. In high school, I did exceptionally well in mathematics and physics. I, also, love solving mathematical problems. I got a Bronze medal in International Zhautikov Olympiad 2010 and silver in City Olympiads in physics (Astana) 2010, 2009.

I would like to specialize in Power and Energy Devices and Systems. I understand that to be skillful and succeed in this career; I need to obtain a university education in a university that offers high quality education in this area of engineering. Education is an investment; the more one dedicates to it, the better reward it gives back. Therefore, doing a major in engineering in reputable school is the only way I will prosper in this career.

I have taken quite some time to research on all options that are open to me. Purdue Education, from my research, is my best choice to transform me to what I should be. This is because Purdue Engineering School has a brilliant reputation and offers exceptional Electrical engineering courses. With its leading professors and well equipped laboratories; I am confident that Purdue’s curriculum and the hands-on experience with partnerships enhance the balance between theoretical works and real-world applications, which is a characteristic of the best school of engineering. I am confident that doing the major at Purdue will give me the skills I require for prosperity and research in my career in the future as an electrical engineer.

Buy custom Purdue Education essay

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