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Prevention of School Violence

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Neglecting children by the community can make them become violent. There are communities that care little about the welfare of its children. When children are idle during the summer as a result of their parents failing to take them for tuition; such children are likely to engage in some unacceptable habits in order to pass time. Children tend to behave violently when no one is looking or supervising them. Therefore violence is done when parents neglect their responsibility of supervising their children. Violent scenes are reported to be high at the time when the parents are hardly looking at the children. For example 7 pm and 3pm when the students have come from school.

Community transformation is another cause of school violence. Shift in school demographics as a result of community changes might also contribute to aggression at schools. As community increases in diversity the likelihood of children aping new negative habits and traits are very high. Community culture expects the issue of a child to be solved at a family level. This is not the reality because the contemporary society has made it difficult for the family to meet all the needs of their teenager. The economy of our time requires the hard work of both parents in order for a family to be sustained. These is not possible because there are many children that are being raised by single mothers or even teenage mothers who are not in apposition to supply the child with the necessary needs. This is the main cause of the neglect that has been seen among parents (Daeschner & Richardson, 1997).

Parents have a God given responsibility to nurture their children to be responsible and respective people. Therefore when a parent fails to do his part the result is involved of a child in unacceptable behavior and practice. Children that have been neglected or abused by their parents tend to fear communicating. Low self esteem and poor communication skills make such children to be vulnerable to bullying and abuse. Homes that lack love and parental nurturing often end up breeding violence and aggression in adolescents. Community influence is very high in children from such backgrounds. Research study that was done by Western-Kent State in the United States of America indicated that children who are raised in family with guns, drugs, domestic violence as well as abuse are more likely to follow the trends of their parents.

Section Three: Methodology


The methods that were used in carrying out the research are found in this section. The thesis mainly focused on literature review as the main source of data collection. Some methods that are useful in data collection include interviews, questioners as well as surveys. Other aspects that might be dealt with are the limitations of the forms of the methods that were employed.

Aims/Objectives of the thesis

The thesis is aimed at finding the influence of the environment on school violence. Some of the other important factors that will be critically analyzed include forms of school violence and the extent to which the surroundings of student cause indiscipline which is the major cause of violence that is being experienced at the schools.


The significance of the thesis

The thesis seeks to provide a clear picture of what is happening at schools and quick reforms that must be done to save the situation. Another important thing is to create an understanding of how the environment steers violence at school and the types of environment that cause this problem. In addition to that the thesis will provide an opportunity for further analysis in order for necessary implementations to be done.

Research statement

For the objective to be exclusively met there is need for critical analysis of the research statement and some other concepts that might be of significance. The main research question for this thesis is the influence of environment on school violence. Other important concepts that will be covered in this paper include the forms of school violence as well as the different environments that affect school negatively.

Research Limitation

This thesis basically focuses on literature review which like any other method of information collection has advantages and disadvantages. Literature review is bound to have some biasness in data collection and in order for the limitations to be overcome it’s important for a wide range of sources to be consulted. This does not completely eliminate biasness but it only reduces it. According to some authors research design is something that must be done with a lot of care because the objectives of a research paper are well achieved by employing a methodology which is well structured. When the appropriate structure is being designed one needs to bear in mind the relevance of the objectives of the research as well as the procedures which are economical. A structure that is well designed with the objectives of proper and effective data collection is essential for quality information. Therefore this thesis will consult credible sources to ensure validity and high standard of the paper. Relevant information from books and journal will be reviewed for conclusive analysis.

Buy custom Prevention of School Violence essay

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