Custom «PhD Admission Paper of Interest» Essay Paper

Custom «PhD Admission Paper of Interest» Essay Paper

I have been working in the educational sector for over twenty years, which has made my experience in the field both enormous and versatile. Therefore, I plan to acquire more specialized knowledge and skills in the field of teaching, learning, and evaluation. Among other goals, my principal target lies in achieving solid expertise regarding proficiency in teaching because I hope to specialize in teaching education.

My previous educational background in conjunction with the many years of practical activities will certainly be helpful in my future academic and professional efforts. What concerns my previous education, I hold a Bachelor’s of Arts in educational psychology. Moreover, I obtained a diploma in educational management and leadership with a very good GPA. Furthermore, I have also been awarded an MA in the field of education with an emphasis on educational administration with a very good GPA as well. Thereby, I managed to successfully complete my degree despite the fact that I am a mother of three children. My previous thesis was about teachers’ supervision. In view of the above, I would like to list several goals I plan to pursue in my PhD program:

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  • The goal of knowledge. According to Viv Ellis (2009), teachers’ knowledge of the subjects constitutes an appropriate characteristic in demands for the professional status (p. 29). Thus, my purpose is to accumulate as much knowledge in the domain of teaching, learning, and evaluation as possible. Hence, I am utterly determined to augment my knowledge about teaching strategies, conceptual frameworks, and the effective methods of teaching, as well as the contemporary issues particularly in teaching. Moreover, I am going to conduct the in-depth research featuring a critical review of different approaches, methods, and processes in education. Also, I am going to trace the complementarities and reciprocities of the research methodology. In particular, I intend to apply my mind to disadvantages of the contemporary teaching strategies.
  • The goal of competence. According to Patricia A. Pugh (2008), the issue of competence is composed of the following components: facts, knowledge, attitude and behavior (p. 48). In conformity with that judgment, I strongly believe that my further education will enhance my professional competence, taking into consideration that I am already a practitioner. In the context of my studies, I am planning to grind my skills in teaching education.
  • The goal of contribution. According to Reddy (2003), the teachers’ role is many-sided because they are required to perform teaching responsibilities, counseling measures, curriculum developments, public relations responsibilities and others as well (p. 1). In view of the above, my professional activities are conducted with the purpose of contribute to our society. I am going to augment our education in several ways. As far as my academic aspirations are concerned, my research will represent the brand-new opinions and suggestions in respect of the methodological basis of teaching, learning, and evaluation. I will illustrate both agreed upon and contentious issues in the current education. In addition, I would like to emphasize the domain of educational administration and management. Thus, my previous experiences in the field of educational administration are going to be very useful in my studies. Besides, my most important contributions will be made in respect of pupils and students. I plan to elaborate on the most reliable solutions which will assuredly improve the circumstances of learning, teaching and evaluation.

Apart from the above, I would like to characterize my interests in the domain of education. They include a large number of issues connected with the processes of teaching, learning, and evaluation. I am placing a special emphasis upon the process of teaching which has given rise to my primary area of interest. Furthermore, I am very interested in the research education which may help me comprehend and apply research in real-life education. I am confident that a satisfactory research education consists of such significant components as topic investigation, critical reading, and overview of various types of practical research. Besides, I prefer to master teaching strategies in conjunction with methods of instructions. With the help of the aforementioned knowledge, I am going to examine how instruction reinforces student learning. I deem it my duty to ensure you that my educational expectations supported by my experience and high professional ambitions are great and undisputed. Thus, I am going to work diligently towards accomplishing those goals. My abilities are diverse:

  • I may give undivided attention to what other people are saying, spend time to understand their points, and ask questions without interrupting them.
  • I am capable of assessing performance by myself, my colleagues, and students.
  • My speech is clear and the written language is expressive.
  • I am proficient in both deductive and inductive reasoning.
  • There is no problem for me to exercise day-to-day administrative tasks, analyze information, and evaluate results in order to select the best possible solution.

To sum up, my previous educational and professional background combined with my goals and interests are sufficient grounds for embarking on a PhD program in teaching, learning, and evaluation, which is my naturally determined choice.

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