Custom «My Final Exam» Essay Paper

Custom «My Final Exam» Essay Paper

Here is the story how I started experiencing and understanding the concept of living the life reflected by my personal character. I was 14 years old when I began recognizing my needs in life and knowing what I had in my hands to achieve them. I was concerned about my writing and painting skills since the study at the high school. Writing to express and communicate my feelings with myself and concluding the consequences of logic thoughts, I was painting to describe and feel my world of mind in visual perspective.

All I was thinking at the stage of high school was to improve my capabilities in order to being successful and proud. In other words, making the inside of the personality fulfill was preferred than my outside until I found myself with nearly 70 kilograms weight being 17 years old. All I remember from that time was how much I suffered in any environment I stepped in and how much pain I carried with myself. Low self-confidence with its all pressure and pain, hurtful visual body image, and all other causes due to this issue such as stress, laziness, and others made me think very seriously. Therefore, I started dieting and losing weight for being what I wanted to be. At the same time, I was a new comer in Canada with a lack of English skills added to my other difficulties.

When I started the York University of the chemistry program, I was a 21-years old girl with 47 kilograms. The new me was a person with an absolutely high level of the self confident, motivated and good looking body image who had acquired a different view of life. The consequences of this experience made me work hard at my English language and improve my skills rapidly. I understood if I planed to get and work at it, and nothing could stop me until I had achieved my goal. No matter how hard and long pain was. This new achievement made my life change and created new plans for me.

I wanted to share this self-conquering and succeed with others, to encourage people who had the same issue I had had in past to make it happen, and there was a chance for them if they wanted. Obviously it required the stronger and more confident background knowledge. Therefore, I decided to learn more about my body and the culture of health. Eating and living healthy was the main subject that needed to be considered and being happy with ourselves was the next issue I had acquired from this experience.

During this experience, I studied a lot concerning nutrition and body necessities, and experienced many affects on my body. That made a great passion for me to learn more and more about the world of nutrition and food.

The great feeling of learning in this field encouraged me to apply for this program at the Ryerson University. I am planning to receive my bachelor in nutrition and food and to work as a dietician in future.

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Joining the York University was one of the best moments in my school life. I had waited for the day when I would step my foot into the University as a student. I truly anticipated this time with a lot of eagerness. To be a nutrition student was a dream that has come true. As I have envisioned before, this was the chance anticipated that would help me to be of the importance not only to the people around me, but also to the community. While doing this course, I learnt a lot that facilitated the accomplishment of my mission and vision.

There are several things I learnt while undertaking this course. I must say that every piece of it was equally in formative. I learnt that health was the foundation of nutrition. Health has several branches that contribute into it. These branches consist of many factors that build it. The factors which play a significant role in health and nutrition include the food choices, economy, culture, food ways, and food security. Each factor among these is crucial in making a healthy person and a healthy nation in the whole.

Through this course, I was also able to define health correctly using the right terminologies and not the layman’s language. Nutrition is the provision to cells and organisms of the materials necessary to support life.

I always want to become a good writer. I realized that there was a link between mental and physical health. My weight was a hindrance in learning; and due to the excess weight I had difficulties in thinking and reading. My continuous attendance of school was coupled with my devotion to my course work, and thus my linguistic skills improved tremendously. Together with my course mates, we often read articles on heath that opened our thinking on many ideas and theories, which helped in having a healthy body. Such were the instances that facilitated my improvement in linguistics.

Nutrition in Canada is one of the issues that are yet to be settled. Despite the fact that Canada is wealthy, many people in Canada are suffering from poverty. As a result, these people have the poor nutritional standards. Much often than not, people living with low standards are forced to manage with the less they get on the everyday basis. In addition, rich Canadians have some attitudes of discrimination that hinder other people from growing to better nutritional lifestyles (Mikonnen and Raphael, 2010).

These factors that influence on health of an individual are closely related to the factors that affect daily life of an individual. These factors include the economic status of an individual, the race and ethnic background of a person, the educational background and gender of an individual. According to the Last Society for Public Health Education & the Society for Public Health Education (2010), each person’s nutritional standards are affected by some social and environmental factors that he or she lives with. For instance, the people that live in some areas stuck with poverty often have the limited health care resources. In addition, these people always have difficulties in accessing health care facilities that could be nearby. Such individuals always lack the advice and the necessary health care that they may require in order to live the healthy life.

The research that has been done in the past reveals that the social factors shaping the health of the nation are mainly determined by the decisions made by leadership and the government of each nation. For instance, the issue of employment affects the nuritional standards of an individual. That is a person only eating what he or she can afford to eat. The essence of eating a balanced meal to such individuals is only the luxury that can be afforded by other people. It has long been realized that the health of the nation is determined by social issues that concern people and  the related leadership. The social factors that result to poor health and nutrition result from bad politics, inequalities, the unfair economic status, and some poor social policies. Such are the instances where the government has to come in handy. With the help of leadership of the country, these people should be supplied with proper food (O'Neill, Pederson, Dupéré & Rootman, 2007).

It has become crucial that people should ensure that they have deliberated all the elements of health. Amongst the factors that affect the health of the community is gender. It has been noted that there was a variance between women and men in terms of the issues of health. While women seem to be conscious of the food they eat, men have no regard for such minority issues. As a result, the women will often look better compared to the men in the society (Laframbroise, 1996).

Poverty is one of the main contributing factors of the low nutritional standards in an individual and community in the whole. That means that most of people living in utter poverty have bigger problems as most of them are living in rural areas. In these areas, there is no access to better the health facilities. These people are living depending on the little that they receive. Hence, a chance of receiving the information to improve their dieting and nutrition is also a foreign matter. These are the minority that cannot afford even food to eat. Such people have a problem that is even worse. This is because they not only have to survive the hunger, but also have a high chance of contracting the nutritional disorders apart from starvation.

The theme of poverty has an impact on the personal and professional identity. While studying the nutrition, a person gets to the point at which he or she realizes his or her nutritional position. In this regard, the individual can decide what is needed for him or her in order to enhance his or her better nutritional standards. On the other hand, an individual that takes nutrition as his or her profession will be urged to practice his or her profession more than before. This is because; there is much cry in the community for the knowledge of nutrition. That is why many people are today suffering due to the lack of the principal knowledge devoted to nutrition. Hence, a person in this field of nutrition has a reason to practice and influence on his or her neighbourhood. 

The nutritional standards of an individual are being an aspect that influenced by the social surrounding and the environment. The health of each person depends on the factors that enhance the lifestyles of an individual. The factors that affect the health status of an individual are referred to as determinants of health. However, most people are not informed that the social status of an individual affects the health of that person. 

The factors discussed above are just few common factors known to affect the nutrition in all trends of the community today. That is why most of people are not careful with the food they are eating. In other instances, people live in the utter ignorance. The lifestyles that people are living today are also a contributing factor to the poor nutritional level. Most people, especially the young ones, have changed their eating habits. They often tend to eat junk food instead of focusing on the proper diet. In other instances, women have also adopted the fashion trends and their likes, which enhance their unhealthy eating habits.

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It is clearer that a good diet will pass through the long way establishing a person’s nutritional standard. It is important that every person pulls his or her efforts altogether towards having a healthy body for his or her healthy living. This is especially an issue to consider for the people living the modern life in the city. On the other hand, the government and leadership should be careful to send the nutritional food to people being in some drought affected areas, and those people suffering from poverty.          

Apart from the strong diet, it is important that people consider their physical fitness as a necessity to living a healthy life. Physical fitness plays a significant role in the well-being of every individual. It is beneficial for a person to have a regular schedule to take the exercises for at least 30 minutes a day. This will help to improve their health state. It also passes a long way in raising the body fitness and maintains a good body posture.

Sexuality has also played its role in the determination of a healthy nation. The research has shown that the health state differs in sexuality. That is why the sexual orientation has led to the substance abuse, sexual transmitted diseases, depression, and suicide. It is evident today that homosexuals and lesbians have contributed considerably to enhancing the poor health in the society today. Further studies and analysis showed that sexuality differences in the society have contributed significantly to raising the smoking rates, alcohol, and the substance abuse. In other studies, gay people and lesbians have a high number of obese people.

The nutrition course is an eye-opener for the main issue that concerns the health and well-being of every person that is alive. It is beneficial to consider the factors that will enhance and improve the well-being of other people too. Through this course, a lot of information has been laid down that will chiefly assist in improving the nutritional standards of the community in the whole.

The comment given by Anthelme Brillat-Savarin is true to the very last word. He commented that the, “destiny of a nation depends on the manner in which they feed themselves”. This can be well adapted into the themes of nutrition. It is true that nutrition determines the health state of every community. It is important for every community to ensure that it has put into consideration all the factors that concern the health of its people. That is the lifestyle, physical fitness, and the proper diet at all times. <

The communities that do not put the health of their people as a priority are likely to have the problems in the future. For instance, if the health of pregnant women is not considered, then, the chances of having sickly infants are extremely high. In addition, if the health and eating habits of such women are not observed carefully, the infants to come may be sick. For this reason, it is mandatory for people to ensure that they eat the healthy food and live the proper lifestyles.

The lifestyle of an individual determines the future of people. For instance, the modern lifestyles, especially in urban areas, play a major role in this matter. Most people have today adapted to the habits that are not healthy. The food which people eat has also led to many diseases triggering terminal illnesses. In addition, the beverages sold at the retail shops have also played a substantial role in enhancing the occurrence of diseases in urban areas. As a result, many people have fallen ill. While some die, others are left less functional and cannot help for the community. This is the state of the society today. Nonetheless, if people change their ways and diets to improve their eating habits, then the situation will improve considerably. This is due to the fact that what a person eats is what a person becomes.

The destiny of people is also a factor of what a person eats. Every person lives every day to see another day. The bright future that people are looking forward to can be possible only while having healthy people. This means to say it is important that people are eating the healthy food. In doing so, one can be sure to live further to see another day.

In having the healthy nation, it is possible to look forward to the bright future. That is why those people that are being healthy are the ones that can work hard and improve the social levels of people. In this regard, it is important for each person to ensure that he or she maintains some healthy standards enhancing good health. It is also beneficial for the authorities of any community to ensure that they have provided all the necessities that will enhance health among people. By doing so, the community will be strong and grow on to become better.

Narratives involve one collected biographies or life histories to help understanding a phenomenon. For instance, the food and nutrition professional practicing in the private sector and specializing in patients with the celiac disease is more interesting for getting the themes that relate to the family background, food, human development, family history, and the history of the disease so as to boost the effectiveness in its treatment and to enhance the early detection of the disease. The professional will use a narrative approach where he will compile some real life histories of the people participating in the study and then analyze the results to identify common trends and themes in order to understand those patients.

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In H.M. Johnsons’ book Too Late to Die Young, she applies this narrative method to analyze about disability. She tells the tales and gives her personal analysis of the main cultures of dominant attitudes on the cases of disability. After telling some real life stories of her participants, she does not accept the views most commonly held by a majority of people about disability. She dismisses the belief that the freedom of people with disabilities is limited to the company making a profit in the economy. She, also, dismisses the school of thought in advocacy that usually forces people to get more dependent on the public policy decisions. Johnson portrays the disability in humour, honesty, and analysis. Other articles analyzing the disability are More about Harriet McBride and Getting Thrown by Johnson H.M.The implications of this reframing are that it encourages the interpretations that discourage undermining the people with disabilities in the community. The articles serve to encourage the appreciation of such people while dismissing the incorrect beliefs that people are holding against the disabled ones. Human beings, by their nature, will prefer to do the less of thinking possible while contemplating on a concept. Reframing, therefore, provides them an easy and fast way of processing the information.

Most citizens and policymakers believe that the main objective of strategizing and implementing the healthcare reform is for creating the more effective, secure and uniform access to the quality healthcare and the health insurance of the United States’ citizens. There exist millions of Americans who are either uninsured or do not have the substantial access to healthcare.

Most of citizens live with the fear that their coverage could be deprived by such acts as illness; their employer is deciding to cut their health benefits or another probable event that is beyond their control. One of the barriers to accessing a good healthcare among many citizens, therefore, is increasing the unemployment rate among citizens, while those in the employment lack some proper healthcare benefits and are prone to any decisions their employers make concerning them. This was perceived as a problem for only the low-income earners; but this is now increasingly becoming a concern among the middle-income earners too.

Secondly, another significant problem that may inhibit an access to health for all is raising the cost of the medical care. Even if the policymakers and citizens try hard to reform the healthcare sector, the experts suggest that before the government takes some vital steps towards the extension of the health coverage to more citizens it is a must to do that the healthcare costs should be maintained, first of all. There are the lacks of the universal health coverage; this causes some serious distortions in the ways of employers; employees, and other parties while making some decisions. Additionally, it is a leading hindrance in the provision and the financing of care. These distortions include some delays in the patients’ access to the needed care; the cost shifting, in which care providers will fix the higher insurance for some private payers in order to recover the cost from public payers’ underpayments; and the job lock where workers decline the better jobs because the jobs cannot offer them some solid healthcare benefits. This will for further reduce the chances for providing the healthcare for all.

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