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My College Reunion

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I wish to appreciate every person present in this function. I also wish to extend my appreciation to the Alumni office for offering me the chance to share my personal and professional life with you. I will be brief and to the point.

I graduated from this University ten years ago with a degree in computer science. Since my childhood, I have had a great passion to learn the operations of computers. Upon my graduation, I secured a job with Dynamo Development, Inc. where I was included as a member to the programmers working for the company. The company has a huge client base and at times I was forced to work under pressure with a lot of work from the clients. My talent and creativity paid well and enabled me to work at a high pace than most of the work mates. This ability paved the path to my rising in ranks. I was first made the team leader of the programmers I was working with after the first two years of working with the company. Later in the fourth year of working with the company, I was promoted to the assistant chief programmer and later became the chief programmer.

My personal life has equally been rewarding. Over the weekend I used to work on my business website which is now fully developed. I was the key person behind the EFEX (Equity Finance Exchange). This was an idea I came up with and later sold it to the company. In the seventh year of working, I enrolled for a masters program in computer science which I completed and proceeded to undertake the doctorate degree which I am working on now. Due to the vast experience I have acquired, Dynamo Development, Inc. requested me to relocate to Tokyo in Japan. In Japan I am entitled with the leadership of the company branch.   

Apart from leading the Dynamo Development branch in Tokyo, I lecture at the Temple University in Tokyo on basic computer programming course. I am actively involved in charity work: I have been volunteering my spare time teaching young local students computer basics. I also spare one week each year to engage in habitat for human in Thailand. The interaction I have had with the Japanese has enabled me to learn Japanese which I am fluent in. I do enjoy my life now and will always remember the old days when I used to be an undergraduate student in the United States. Thank you.

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