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Modified Lesson Plan

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Having the opportunity to work in the education system I have had to encounter various challenges among them, the constant need to change my lesson plans to accommodate students with special disabilities. A practical case would be dealing with a student who possesses emotional disability and in particular attention deficiency. The student is has difficulty in establishing lasting relations with the colleagues as he has the inability to control his emotional feelings the student is also seen to be hyperactive. As a result the student has difficulty following simple instructions, cannot associate with the other students as he cannot even play well.

The student has emotional setbacks at times seen to be quiet while at other times he is excessively active and talks relatively too much. Other observable features include, being easily distracted, cannot wait for his turn to play or talk and as a result interrupts the lesson and meetings. The student’s inability to remain attentive for long periods and the low concentration level can be associated to his hearing disability a condition that adds up to the already hyperactive student.

Changes in the lesson plan that would be incorporated in an art class would include instructional changes as well as the acquisition and use of an assistive technology device. The instructional changes would be to have the instructions given to the students short and concise. The instructions would incorporate behavioral requirements to the student requiring a certain standard of conduct that would be awarded if achieved. The change in the lesson plan would also incorporate assigning the class session a period when the student’s concentration span is at the highest while at the same time limiting the amount of workload during this time achievable if the class sessions are segmented into periods that are manageable to the student.

The instructional and teaching mode will enable the student concentrate more and as a result avoid the hyperactivity and the intrusions of the lesson by the student. To deal with the mild hearing impairment, having pictorial representations of the instructions required of the student. The pictorial representations would include materials such as diagrams, flowcharts and models.

The assistive technology is an assistive technology that involves the use of objects that can be easily recognized by the student especially those easily available to the student in the home set up. The lesson plan would include having tape recorders in certain sections of the lesson. The purpose of having the tape recorders would be to record the instructions I would be giving to the students and have the recorder played by the students at intervals selected as the lesson progresses. This would allow the students to recall the instructions and also act as a constant reminder to the student to give chances to the other students in playing the recorder an aspect that would hopefully be carried on to the playground.

The uses of flowcharts as an assistive technology in delivering the lesson would assist the student organize their thinking and actions in addition to tackling the hearing impairment. This would mean that certain lesson is delivered with the aid or the sole use of flowcharts. An additional assistive device that would be incorporated in the lesson would be to have students have note taking devices such as books and laptops. The gargets would require the student to make effort in putting down what is taught and what he understands from the lesson. As a teacher the delivery of the lesson need be slower to give time for note taking. This aids in concentration and allows for easy evaluation of the areas the student learnt and areas where little was learnt.

Buy custom Modified Lesson Plan essay

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