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Welcome to Phoenix University Library
Phoenix University Library offers a well-managed and welcoming facility that will promote research and dissemination of ideas and information. The library also offers information services and resources to support educational goals and instructional programs of the University. To accomplish these goals, the Phoenix University offers a rich collection of electronic and print resources. Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) of Phoenix University is a system, which provides a web-based interface with a number of functions that make it a significant research tool. The goal of the OPAC is to satisfy your online search requirements in a better way than when you use a manual card catalogue. The OPAC is a basic search tool that enables you to explore the library resources in a more convenient manner and with minimum intervention by the staff members of the library.
Getting Started
Once Phoenix University has registered you as a library user, you acquire a barcode number and username. You can obtain your own password through the help of the library staff. There is an option of changing your password any time you wish, in order to enhance information security, as well as your privacy.
The library staff has configured the Phoenix library computers to open the main catalogue page the moment you start the Web browser. The Web browser is usually Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. When you wish to access the catalogue for e-learning resources, use the following address:
However, you must have an account with the Phoenix University, because after clicking this link, the webpage requires you to enter Username and Password. The following webpage page appears (Fig. 1).
Main Library page
Signing in to the Student and Faculty Portal
In order to get a chance to perform various tasks that require the Student and Faculty Portal to identify you, such as using my account, reserving items, or accessing your saved Book bag, you must provide your username and password in order to sign in. Therefore, the account holder must do the following:
1. Type your username in the Username box.
2. Type your password in the Password box.
3. Click login.
• When you have finished your session, you have to click logout to ensure your privacy.
Personal Account
The following webpage (Fig. 2) will open after you have logged in:
Personal Account
In order to access your personal information, you must click the Account tab, which has the following links:
• My Profile: This link lists your personal information, which includes email address, phone number, physical address, personal goals, University roles, gender, Academic history, professional goals, just to mention a few.
• Current Transactions: This link contains a list of your open transactions.
• Change Password: This link allows you to change your password whenever you disclose it to another.
• Change Address/Contact Information: The link allows you to change your information about email address, physical address and phone numbers.
• My Student Verification Information: This link enables you to confirm your identity as a student of the University of Phoenix, as well as to access your academic records.

The Library Tab

This optional feature enables you to view information regarding the library service that the University of Phoenix offers. The Library tab consists of five different components, namely University Library, Media Library, eBooks, Center for Mathematics Excellence and Center for Writing Excellence. The following is the webpage that appears when you click Library (Fig. 2):
The Library tab allows you to search for various resources, such as the peer-reviewed journals and books. You can refer for the library’s terms and conditions. When you have any question regarding the services that the library offers, you can ask the librarian through the link Ask a Librarian. You will find this tab to be extremely significant when writing a research paper or term paper, because it provides the following:
• Reference and Citation Generator
• APA Information
• Grammar and guiding Guides

This is a subsection of the Library tab. eBook facilitates various digital books that you can use to enhance your studies in University. You can download, print, or view the digital books on the web. In case you want to download the digital books, you must use your e-Campus password and username to access the eBooks. You should not distribute the eBooks for sale or personal reasons without permission from the authors or the University.

Buy custom Library Guide essay

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