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Learning Objectives

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The trainee has to know the following:

  • How to undertake a personal wound care, clean the wound properly, apply the necessary medication, use various menus in the computer.
  • Select an appropriate file for the documentation of the patient’s details such as: age, severity of the wound, and medication.
  • Having basic skills in health care delivery, with a minimum of academic knowledge in secondary level health science, shall be a requirement to understand the basics of the task performance, and to be able to follow them precisely and in a careful manner 


The trainee is required to gain the following knowledge:

  • Properly nurse a wound
  • Correctly document patients’ details using Microsoft Excel. The details shall include: name, age, phone number, and prescribed medication information
  • How to take care of patients through keeping management records,, wound treatment, providing feedback to wound situation, administration of first aid, supervision of drug administration, and assistance to wounded patients.
  • The trainee is expected to attend all of the safety seminars so as to acquit themselves with the vital precaution measures. 

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