Custom «Increasing Student Engagement and Its Effect in Mathematics» Essay Paper

Custom «Increasing Student Engagement and Its Effect in Mathematics» Essay Paper

The stereotype encircling mathematics in the education sector has been hindering students from prospering in the subject. The pre-established notion contributes to a large part in student in developing a perception that succeeding in the subject is a challenge. From this perspective, mathematics has been perceived as subject for a few to excel. In response to the alarming stereotype on mathematics, various approaches are formulated to improve the situation and ensure students receive better grades in the subject. The article, improving student achievement in mathematics, is informative on procedure toward improving the worsening situation.  The article calls for comprehensive engagement of students during learning to introduce or develop a concept from practical platform. In addition, the article illustrates the importance of establishing activities during learning that relates to the topic at hand. This contributes to developing concepts and ensuring students participate fully in the intended assignment. From this perspective, prosperity in mathematics can be achieved through collective action, change of established notions on the subject and promoting comprehensive student engagement.

Notably, engaging students during learning is fundamental in facilitating visualization of the concepts in line with the syllabus expectations. From a personal perspective, activity centers are instrument in improving mathematics achievement in a classroom setting. The fact that student engagement can be achieved through activity centers, changes in the education system can foster developing mathematical concepts based on activity centers. Notably, scope of learning hugely involves interactions between educators and students. Therefore, deploying a method that maximizes interaction through activity objectives of learning can be achieved. In this case, activity centers are relevant in promoting engagement and achieve better grades in mathematics. The fact that mathematical concepts can be approached from a practical perspective, utilizing activity centers in classroom facilitates goal achievement. Therefore, activity centers not only established concepts in mathematics practically but also effective in improving students’ grades in the subject.  

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