Custom «Home Schooling» Essay Paper

Custom «Home Schooling» Essay Paper


Home Schooling concerns the teaching of children at home rather than sending them to government or private schools. Home Schooling practices are common at many places in USA and children grow in a different learning environment. Home Schooling is an alternative way of teaching in rural locations.

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Home schooling does not develop children’s psychological and intellectual powers as compared to those children at private or public schools. Home schooling has advantage in somewhat ways but their drawbacks are greater than its disadvantages. States need to enact and implement the laws to ask the parents to send their children to private or public schools.

When people come to know about Home Schooling, they think it is not good for the children. They argue that Home schooling does not provide the opportunities to children to develop their future, remaining at home is subject to the notion of parents as they get their education at home. These things become the threat for the children who get home schooling. In state of California this myth has threaten the children. It is highly emphasized to enforce the law that deals with children schooling only by state-certified teachers. If this law is fully implemented in state of California, 166000 may get education from the state oned schools. This practice will convince the people living in other states to follow this model. In this way rapid increase in home schooling can be lessened. More than 1 million students can call it a revolution to educate the students in state owned schools.

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Home schooling does not meet the requirements of children to become the high skilled in practical life. However test results presented the different figures which are not accepted by critics of Home schooling. Secondly Children get normal to average marks in underground programs as stated in wall street journal in 2000. Thirdly those who are taught at home did not become so social as compared to their traditional educated peers. It is highly recommended to check the psychological, physical, Intellectual and educational status of those children who get home schooling. People have lack of knowledge about the home schooling. Children’s needs and interest can determine the level of education. Parents at home put their efforts to teach their children, giving time and space to their children to know its rhythms. Home schooling does not have the time limits as school days starts when the children woke up and ends when they go to sleep. Parents show freedom to their children in Home schooling. Mothers use to teach their children at home and children get good scorre in their future education. Those who argue that certified teachers must teach the children at homes do not affect the student’s achievements. Public and private schools education is costly these days as compared to home schooling which does not require a great deal of amount.

 Parents do not notify exactly about the number of children who are home schooled. Parents neglect their children to educate properly. Firstly the state laws must ask all the parents to educate their children at private or public schools. If parents fail to do so they must inform the controlling authority about the status of family. Government agencies must give exact number of home schooled children and manage their education expenses. This will enhance the number of children at state owned schools. Government must also notice the religious trends of children as their parents argue in favor of the religious education the cause of home schooling.


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It can be concluded that parents face the problems to teach their state owned schools. Advantages and disadvantages of Home schooling have been investigated in this paper. Finally government’s regulation policy about the Home schooling is given to explore the advantages of education at state-owned schools.

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