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Higher Education

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The importance of higher education in the twenty first century cannot be overlooked. The modern society is mostly inclined to studying, with only those who are left out of this experience being as a result of inadequate time, resources or other personal commitments (Allen, 2005). Generally, higher education helps to improve the quality of life of the person since such people are able to access better employment opportunities, exercise better health practices and are more financially stable among other countless advantages (Allen, 2005). As a result, this article will focus on higher education. It will address the reasons for pursuing a college degree as well as using the learning various styles in relation to effective learning of a student. It will also look at the relation between the results of a GEMS survey and the career that an individual can pursue.

People pursue higher education due to different reasons, and therefore my reasons for further learning are outlined below. I would like to get higher education so as to pursue my career job. After attaining a college degree, I will be able to secure a good job that I have always dreamt about. Additionally, I want to develop my personality so that I can be in a position to handle most of the real life situations. I believe that the process of attaining a college degree involves a holistic transformation of an individual in almost all life aspects. This entails qualities such as problem solving, effective communication among other life skills.

There are various types of learning styles which students adapt to. Some students have a dominant style while others show a combination of various styles. My learning style is more oriented to auditory and tactile. When learning something new, I prefer to read out aloud since this style makes more sense and enhances my level of understanding (LeFever, 1995). As a matter of fact, I am able to memorize more information while using this method. In addition, I like to engage in a group discussion that comprise of a small number of people. This helps me to have the object of discussion in my hands. Consequently, I would prefer to have most of the lessons done in this format where I can apply my auditory stimuli to learning.

After a GEMS survey was carried out, it was found that my Grand type was a People Oriented Achiever and a team facilitator. I concur with this result since even at work; I am a very friendly person. One of the my unique qualities is that I like surpassing the targets set for me thereby creating a difference on what I settle down to undertake. In most cases, I stand out as a potential leader but this is usually restricted by my personal reasons and the job positions that I hold. For instance, the story below displays my leadership and people oriented qualities. There is a time when an opportunity presented itself for a leadership role at my duty station. After arriving at the station, I noticed the problem and realized that a social committee to handle the problem was missing.

I was not acquainted with the morality of the unit and therefore, I decided to inquire about it from the concerned people in the area. As a result, I understood the activities that were done in the unit as well as how money was being raised in the unit. Moreover, I was appointed the social committee president. This move has allowed us to organize events aimed at raising funds for the unit.

This is a clear indication of the correlation between my personality and the career that I will be pursuing at the college level. Therefore, it is worth noting that the GEMS survey helped me a great deal to confirm my career choice. This should be emulated by all the students who intend to pursue higher education. They should be in a position to understand how their career concurs with their personality since it is on this platform that successful careers are built on. 

Buy custom Higher Education essay

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