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Grammatical Functions

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  1. ELVIS lives in salford quays.

 ELVIS- This is a proper noun that falls in the category known as noun of address. It is referred to that since it represents an individual’s name which is unique. The noun acts the subject of the verb ‘Lives’                                


THE- It is a definite article. It specifies the assignment in this statement 

MOST-This is a superlative adjective. It modifies the pronoun MY.

DIFFICULT-This is an adverb. It is describing the object.

OF-This is a preposition. This is because it gives added information about the pronoun

ALL-This is a collective noun. It stands for several members.

MY-this is a possessive pronoun since it is placed before the object of the sentence, which is assignment. It shows possession of the object, which in this case is the assignment

ASSIGNMENT- It acts as the object of reference in this sentence.

  1. FRANKLY,i don't really care

FRANKLY- This is an adjective. It modifies the pronoun of the sentence, I. It is describing more about the pronoun. 

  1. Tom answered THE QUESTION without hesitation

  THE-This is a definite article. It specifies the question Tom answered.

  QUESTION- It is the direct object of the definite article THE.

  1. They must send mum A BIRTHDAY CARD.

A-    This is an indefinite article. It does not give the specific card to be sent. It generalizes the collective noun.

    BIRTHDAY CARD-This is a collective noun. This is because the word stands for more than a single entity. This group as much as it is a single unit in this sentence, it contains several members.

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