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Free Education in USA

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The United State of America has one of the best education system in the world. There are so many school districts in the U.S. and students receive support from the state federal and school board level. Students in public schools are entitled to free tuition while those in private schools pay their wholesome fees directly to the school. This paper discusses why the free education essay in the U.S. is immensely helpful to students with geographical and financial limitations, the plan and effect in the future.

The education in the US, unlike most of the other countries, is highly decentralized which leaves the federal government and the Department of Education with little involvement in determining educational and curricular standards. The seniors have left this to state and local schools. However, this does not apply with the recent No Child Left Behind Act. The government acquires this fund for free tuition in public schools from taxes.

Some people face geographic and economic constraints, which excludes them, from higher learning. However, with the help from volunteers aided by advanced technological developments, however, they are able to access a tuition-free online education in an area that is within the reach of the university offering it. For instance, the University of the People in Pasadena CA is a tuition-free, post secondary education in order to ensure that students beat their financial and geographical limitations to acquire higher learning.

Currently, the government has already started the implementation of Race to the Top, a program intended to raise the standard of poorly performing schools. This program involves raising teacher’s motivation by rewarding them according to their outstanding performance while improving the low-performing schools at the same time. Additionally, the U.S., being a major host of immigrants has passed a bill that will enable illegal immigrants in the country to access financial aid to fund their studies.

To accomplish these goals, the president plans to reform the education system. He plans to increase access to higher education and its success by restructuring the college financial aid and expanding it dramatically. He also plans to make federal programs simpler, more efficient and more reliable for the students. Additionally, he has a plan of investing in community colleges so as to equip a greater proportion of young people with education and high-demand skills for the emerging industries. Since teachers are the main, vital resources in children’s learning, more will be invested in innovative strategies to help them improve on the students’ outcome; and use of rewards and incentives to retain the talented teachers in those schools that need them most while recruiting the brightest, best teachers to this field. Also, the states will see through the expansion and reform of high-quality charter schools.

I believe that by establishing such a strong education system and funding it, it will have a positive impact to the future of the Americans as individuals; as well as the effect on the economy positively. By making education more affordable, the government’s plan is to ensure that America will go back to the right track; to have the highest number of college student grandaunts in the world by the year 2020. Secondly, regardless of the educational path taken after high school, all Americans will be able to join at least a year of job training or higher education. This will consequently prepare a better workforce for the 21st century economy; which means that most of the population is expected to be self-dependent.

In conclusion, the USA free education system is well-planned and extremely helpful to students with financial and geographical constraints. The government plans to support more innovation and reform in the education system; increase students’ access to financial aid; recruit and retain best teachers and encourage more advanced studying. This will ensure a more-learned America, experienced workforce leading to a great economy.

Buy custom Free Education in USA essay

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