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Forms of Writing

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An individual requires the shoe-tying skills in order to tie shoes (Breaux, 2005). Technical writing requires the use of numbering (Gerson & Gerson, 2003). 

  1. Hold one end of the shoestring in each hand.
  2. Cross the ends, making an X.
  3. Pass one end of the shoestring under the other and pull tight.
  4. Fold one shoestring in half while holding the strings tight.
  5. Twine the other end around the folded end.
  6. Grasp the lace in the middle and bend it into a flat loop and pull, making a bow.   

Beautiful Residential Places

Some residential places in the United States are very beautiful. They contain flower gardens, which have a variety of flowers that provide a colorful scenery and sweet fragrance (Bunting & Hewitt, 2008). Because such residential places are far from industrial areas, common sounds involve cool music. The roads are very smooth, such that an individual feels comfortable while in a fast moving car. Most restaurants and pubs around the residential places in WisconsinState provide cool and sweet refreshment drink (Messervy & Abell, 2007).

Technical and Expository Writings

Explaining the shoe-tying procedure to an individual is an example of technical writings while describing the beauty of a residential place is an example of expository writings. Expository writings persuade individuals to agree with certain opinions while technical writings focus on explaining procedures and concepts to audience (Hutchinson, 2005). Expository writing should be exciting while technical writing should be serious. The structure of technical writing includes numbering while expository writing requires the use of paragraphs (Gerson & Gerson, 2003).     

Technical writing and other forms of writing

Technical writing is a unique form of writing because it requires the use of numbering in listing the steps of executing a task (Gerson & Gerson, 2003). Therefore, technical writing is different from other forms of writing usually in terms of format and purpose. Expository writing is more persuasive than technical writing (Hutchinson, 2005). Technical writing is the most common in the corporate environment because there is a need to explain various concepts to the members.     

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