Custom «Forms of School Violence» Essay Paper

Custom «Forms of School Violence» Essay Paper

This chapter forms the main body of the thesis. It includes the means of data collection as well as the methods used to collect the relevant information. Basically the chapter is very detailed containing views from different authors who have been consulted in writing this paper. The views of different people about the same concept have been brought forth in this paper. The research question has been critically analyzed in this section of the thesis.

School violence has significant negative influence on the general well being and health of the young people who include adolescents and children. Despite the clear negative effects of this practice the government, parents and institutions of learning haven’t done much in preventing the vice. Some of the extreme cases include the Columbine high School shoot out as well as Virginia Technical shootings. The much that the governments have done is to implement policies which will reduce the violence that is being experienced though the policies have mixed reviews. Because of the rampant violence that is being experienced learning institution has been forced to address even the lowest form of violence that is exhibited by the students (Council of Europe 2003).

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School related homicide is a rare thing though from the research that was conducted the results indicated that about a third of all high school students might have been involved in a fight at least ones. And the same ratio of all senior students admitted they are involved in some frequent fights as well as bullying behavior. Research also revealed that homicide student perpetrators were more likely to be bulled by the other students. On the overall communities and schools can only be better served if violence incidence greatly diminishes and this can only be possible if there is eradication of school environment that nurtures hostility. School violence is a very complex issue though less has been done to improve the situation. Some of the factors that have been accepted by many are that school violence interferes with the general health and well being of school going children.

The violence that occurs at high school and other institutions of learning greatly affects the performance of the students. The definition of school violence is not clear making its prevention difficult. There is a department in North Carolina that majorly deals with school violence issues. School violence can basically be defined as a character which hinders the mission of the school. Therefore schools are supposed to be free from disorder, drugs, disruptions, property as well as weapons that might cause havoc. A good example of school violence is bullying, shooting, assaults and fighting these practices can happen within the school or even outside the school (Furlong 2004).

Other forms of school violence include students bringing some harmful component like drugs at school, vandalism, sexual harassment, robbing and carrying of handheld weapons at the school premises. The common types of violence are bullying and fighting and such practices can even be seen at the elementarylevel. Many of the students who engage in such practice have an objection of dominating or annoying their fellow students. Another factor that causes violence at school is gang rivalry. The environment plays an important role in smuggling drugs in school. For example local gang members are the people who supply high school students with drugs. Therefore an environment made of gangs will influence the school negatively.

One of the most difficult issues to be handled by the school administration is sexual harassment. This is a common characteristic in schools that are located in rural and sub-urban localities. Most of the sexual harassment cases are treated with much privacy in order to protect the school image. Students also engage in vandalism of the properties of other as a form of fun though its violence. Shoot out occurs at school when some students illegal possess weapons. Therefore there are a wide range of violence that happens at schools and because of this wide range it is a times hard to solve the underlying issues (Furlong, 2004).

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School violence has become rampant in American schools and as a result the secure learning environment has been modified. For these reasons there is need for proper preventive measures to be taken by the parents in order to secure the future of their children. Violence at school tends to strongly damage the school’s atmosphere in that people might fear enrolling to such schools in fear of being attacked. On the other hand actions of violence majorly spoil a child’s future since students who are busy hurting others rarely concentrates on their studies which is the grant for a bright future. Most of the times such students tend to have lost all interest in pursuing their academic dreams.

Students who are generally violent seem to be a great issue to other students and as a result students who are not troublesome may fail to come to school. Children who go through bullying are emotionally and socially affected and as a result their dreams and visions are tempered with. For instance there have been a number of children who committed suicide because they could no more handle the bullying that other students were doing to them. Parents are not at peace when they realize that their children are victims of school violence or initiators of violence at schools. Therefore such a practice causes much pain and discomfort to a parent who is raising such a child (Roberts, 2005).

The future development of a nation is greatly interfered with when students shifts from concentrating on their class work to violent behavior and actions. Some of the children who commit such crimes end up in prison and most of the times they are expelled from the school meaning that their education is cut off. On the other hand the image of a nation is damaged when the best its young people can do is take part in violence. For these reason the economy of a country greatly stagnates. Innocent lives have been lost as a result of the violence that has occurred at school. Shoot out cause death of children who had great futures. Finally the image of the school is greatly tintedd when its students take part in illegal behaviors. As a result of this parents may in the near future fear admitting their children to a school with such a record.

 Therefore it’s the responsibility of every sensible person as well as the state to fight this practice. For the future of students to be secured we all have a responsibility of stopping violent practices at our learning institutions. We can rescue our future economy if this issue will be handled diligently with much care. Therefore parents, teachers and the community have a corporate responsibility of instilling love and care in our children in order to prevent school violence from happening. There are a number of ways in which a school can breed violence and the environment that a child is brought up plays an important role in shaping the child and his overall character. For instance when a child is raised in an environment of violence the chances of such a child taking part in violent actions at school is very high (Roberts 2005).

A culture that has been developed about schooling is where the child is forced to attend school by a parent and besides that when at school the teacher further control and monitor what a child is expected to do at a given time. Children are conditioned by set rules for instance they are not allowed to move around, speak and finally not allowed to express themselves; no creativity at that moment. It therefore appears as if these children have been tied to some kind of prison. By the fact that human beings are created to socialize closely means that there are problems that can emerge as a result of such strict environment.

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Children therefore tend to form their own defense mechanisms in order to guard their territories as well as property. Attacks therefore come as a result of privacy and individual identity shortage. For these reason many of the violent actions that have been witnessed at our schools is as a result of the conditioned school environment. The school administration has a tendency of initiating rules in order to restrict the actions of the students therefore when the rules have been greatly restricted students tend to rebel. This rebellion is what mainly causes the violence. The school environment, community and home environment has a great influence on school violence (Remboldt, 1994).

A child that has been brought up by a violent father or from a violent home tends to practice the same behavior that he sees at home in school. On the other hand if the surrounding community is made up of gangsters there is a way in which the youngsters will be influenced by the happenings around them. It’s important for the school administration to instill discipline and also ensures that the prevailing school atmosphere will create a good learning atmosphere as opposed to unacceptable behavior. These three environments play a great role in nurturing high school students. For these reason we should create environment which ensures privacy and protection as well as learner’s comfort. Besides physical environment aggressive psychological environments should be avoided.

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