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Family Determinants of Health Behaviors

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Challenges do the teachers, educators and parents of this country face to fight the epidemic of obesity in children?

The parents are the most affected people; they greatly worry about the health of their children, the problems they face, the scorn they receive from their peers that make them uncomfortable and always depressed. They are never active in anything they do especially when interacting with their peers in sports. Moreover, they parents also undergo difficulties selecting foodstuff that is suitable for these children. This means that they have to avoid using certain meals that they may be admiring in order to prevent the disease. Besides, they also spent a lot of money treating these children and feeding them appropriately. The teachers in school get it hard when teaching the obesity students because they are always sad, depressed and never concentrates in classroom. This fact makes them to perform poorly in education and as it has always been, the blame is put on the teachers. Therefore, the teachers actually undergo a difficult time teaching and ensuring the obesity students get the instruction right.

Reasons why they are not physically active

Before the overweight children get to the worsening conditions of the disease that leads to other diseases, they normally take an emotional charge. These children are frequently taunted and excluded from team activities and that contributes to their low self-esteem, depression and negative body image. This in turn, makes overweight students very dull, lonely, and makes them physically inactive. Of course, any rejected persons in the society especially by the fellow colleagues and in this case, fellow peers, can never be active at all. Therefore, the main reasons as to why the children and teens with obesity are inactive are as follows;

  • They are rejected by fellow peers and excluded in team activities
  • They have low self-esteem thus very inactive
  • Have negative body image
  • Most of them have depression that makes them not to be in a position to participate in certain activities.

What can be done to make them more active?

There are several things that can be done to make these inactive obesity students active. The schools provide a perfect environment for the prevention of health difficulties and promoting good health. For, example, the school can provide the obesity students with good indoor air quality, approach to healthy food and opportunities to be physically active at school in sports, class work and teamwork activities. The schools also educate the students the importance of preventing bad foods that may cause obesity. Moreover, the teachers must also educate and influence the other students to appreciate and embrace the students with obesity so that they may include them in their activities, team works and enhance their relationships. This in turn will make these students to be active and feel part of the society. The schools must also establish the National Prevention Strategy that supports healthy school environments in order to enhance the participation of obesity students in school activities.

How does the role of family influence the obesity epidemic?

The parents of these children need to ensure their children use improved nutritional standards, acquire local fresh produce and eat competitive foods. They should also embrace these children and teach them the essence of eating healthy foods and associating with other peers. This is a way that can make the overweight students feel appreciated and cared about while at home. Besides, they will also be obedient and try to follow the instructions given to them by the family thus be able to lead a positive life and even getting diagnosis over the epidemic. The parents and family in general need to support the overweight children, encourage them and give them a positive modeling image that will make them appreciate their own body images and maintain a healthy weight. In that way, they will be influencing the overweight children positively.

Buy custom Family Determinants of Health Behaviors essay

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