Custom «Factors of School Violence» Essay Paper

Custom «Factors of School Violence» Essay Paper

The home background can be a major cause of indiscipline in students. Children that have been victims of abuse as well as parental violence are more likely to end up being violent. Some form of violence occurs as a result of individual differences that maybe attributed to heredity. Researchers also indicate that some form of violence occur as a result of groupings. Some environmental effects which are physical may be the cause school violation. The media can play an important role in influencing young people negatively for instance it’s well known that people become violent by watching or taking part in violent actions. Some people become violent when others provoke them by insulting them or abusing them. Other factors that can make students to be violent include frustration, effects of alcohol and other drugs, humiliation as well as embarrassment.

Discipline is one of the best gifts that one can give to a child. Discipline is what makes training complete. Therefore insufficient discipline among the students is the major cause of the damages and havocs being experienced in our learning institutions. Where there is any form of success discipline must have been there. Therefore large investment in education without instilling disciplines in the students is a worthless journey. There are two forms of discipline for instance self and imposed discipline. There has been a drastic change in the lives of children in the past few years. The things that children used to worry about decades of years ago are not what are troubling the children of today (Shafii & Shafii 2001).

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The things that children worry about include violent deeds against them or their other family members. The truth is life has become very dangerous for the children in our time. Statistics that has been done reveals that about one out of every ten children knows of another child who has been shot. This includes children from age ten to seventeen. The number of children that are victims of abuse has significantly increased in the past few years. Children are naturally innocent but this innocence has been replaced with violence. At school children fear fights and as a result they go home in fear and other times they are forced to spent their nights in bathtubs in order for them to be sure of their safety. Even children that come from safer neighborhoods are not left out because you cannot predict when violence shall struck.

Children have been exposed to violence in almost all the stages of their lives. Violence is seen at school, homes and even their neighborhoods. Our daily news never misses information about child abduction and that is the reason the same has manifested at our schools. At home children see and learn violence from the television. Statistics has shown that an average child observes about eight thousands scenes of violence and about a hundred thousands acts of violence before completing their elementary studies. When the child reaches age eighteen this approximation are most likely to have doubled. By the fact that people become violent by watching violent scenes gives a good reason for the violence that is happening at our learning institutions (Elliott, Hamburg & Williams, 1998). 

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