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English Education

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 English education that I am receiving now will be of great help to me when I am employed. During our English Lessons, the lecturers teach writing which is a very important part in the business world. There are different forms of writing. Minutes writing is part of what we learn in the English lessons. To be able to write the correct minutes of a meeting one should know the format to be used and how a minute looks like. Without my English Education, I will not be able to write a minute even if it is my duty as a secretary.

Letter writing is also an important task in any business. Letters are written daily to different people in the business community. Letters have to be written following the correct format. The different formats and types of letters are taught in school. The letter that is written should have good grammar and be in the correct tenses. If the letter written to a certain person is in the wrong tense, the recipient might misunderstand the wrong tense then the information you are trying to pass. Courtesy is a very important quality that every employee must have. It does not apply to the spoken English only. It is also important when communicating with someone through a letter. One should observe courtesy when writing letters. The uses of words such as thank you, in regards are very important in convincing the other person. Such language helps in as it portrays a good image to a person who has not seen you but has only read your letter. The grammar that we are taught in school is very useful in the business world. With good grammar, one is able to pass the message that is required correctly without causing any misunderstandings.

In English lessons, we are taught how to write agendas. These are useful in the business world, as there are many meetings that take place. There are many areas in the world of business where communication is through memos and notices. Without these skills in writing of agendas, memos, and notices, it will be very difficult to communicate with the rest of my colleagues and superiors. As an employee, I should be able to write minutes properly, write agendas and memos. Writing E- mails is advancement in technology. Many businesses have opted to using Emails to communicate with the other businesses or even with their employees. One should be able to write an Email correctly using good grammar and following the correct format. If an Email is badly written, it has cost the business a lot of money. A badly written email to a supplier can cost the business a lot of money as the supplier may decide to cancel a contract due to a small mistake. Writing forms part of the English Education that I am receiving.

As employees, the presentations we make, in form of writing, can cost either the company or business in a positive or negative way. A well-written letter, Email, or memo passes the required information to the recipient making the work easier. If, for example, a manager wants to tell the accountant to make a deposit of a certain amount to a certain business but instead tell him not to deposit the money, the company will lose a lot of money in such an event. However, a well-written form of communication will pass the correct information to the recipient hence the business or company is able to operate smoothly.

            Grammar will help in ensuring that any written material has correct spelling, correct tenses and this will ensure that information in the business is efficient.

Buy custom English Education essay

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