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Elemental Cost Estimate

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The developer would like to consider the potential of developing five 3-storey detached houses instead of the ten 2-storey semi-detached houses as described above. Each detached houses will have 4 bedrooms; two of them are en-suite, a kitchen, an individual dining room, a bathroom, a guest toilet, a sitting room and a study. Given that GIA and the storey height for the houses of the alternative option remains unchanged; discuss the likely cost implications on individual building elements.

The cost implication of constructing five-3storey detached house over ten-2 storey semi-detached houses is likely to reduce the cost of each element of building the houses. This is because there will be time saving on building five-3 storey instead of ten-2 storey, because a ten-2 storey takes more time. There will be an increase in quality of work and cost reduction. (Smith & Jaggar, 2007)


The function of the foundation is spreading building weight on the ground thus avoiding settlement and giving support to the building against load. This through excavating of a trench following the rooms and house contours, ten filling with concrete followed by construction work.

The number of foundation for building five- 3 storey detached houses  reduces as compared to building ten-2 storey semidetached houses with more foundations. This will not automatically lower the cost of building because linking building together results in cost saving through reduction of quantity of foundations. (Smith & Jaggar, 2007)


The functions of roofs are to give protection to people living there form wind, rain and heat. Roofs need to be of high quality, should be durable. Resistance from fire and its appearance should be appealing. The cost incurred in building five-3 storey houses is likely to reduce because of five roofs construction as compared to ten roofs. Reduction in roofing area often offsets the cost of construction. There will be a small cost implication thus the G.I.A will be greater to benefit from the cost of materials reductions.

External walls

The function of external walls is to transfer the loads from the roofs to the foundation area. It prevents people living around from loads in construction and elements. The number of wall constructed will likely fall in construction of a five-3 storey house. The elements unit quantity will be greater by a big margin. Even though the elements rate can be discounted it is not sufficient to offset the total difference in cost. The cost of labor is higher in 10-2 storey houses because of construction of more walls. (Ashworth, 2004)

Windows, external and internal doors

These provide access to and from the building, giving security and allow entry of light into the building. The number of doors and windows is bases more on unit quantity for this case. It is effective in terms of cost to build a five-3 storey house as compared to 10- 2 storey houses. This is because the number of doors and windows will reduce and a drop in cost of labor incurred. (Smith & Jaggar, 2007)

Site works

This involves preparation of the site, material delivery, fencing the site and landscaping of the site. A five storey house is easier to lay down up, because it requires less space as compared to ten storey house which will require more space. Addition in overhead cost will occur in 10 storey house because of additional site requirement, and storage. Also, delivery of more construction material in 10 storey houses thus adding the cost of construction. (Ashworth, 2004)

Upper floors

An upper floor provides a safe platform for the residents of the houses to be able to stand at the lower floors safely. In this case constructing, five-3 storey houses will have less upper floors as compared to the other option. The unit price will reduce in constructing five-three storey house as less quantity used in construction. More construction materials are used in the 10-two storey house construction. (Ashworth, 2004)


A service is essential in construction of houses to be used by people so that they are comfortable. Services that are essential include supply of water, electricity, radiator, basins and satellites. In today world services is becoming more complex as the standards of living goes up which change in technology. This leads to increase in prices of construction elements as the design changes. Constructing of ten-two storey houses incurs more cost in services as compared to constructing five- 3 storey houses. (Ashworth, 2004)

Buy custom Elemental Cost Estimate essay

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