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Effect of Environment on School Violence

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Existence of violence in our societies is the main cause of the violence that is happening at our schools. School life keeps changing and for these reason it’s a dynamic experience. The calm and peaceful school atmosphere has completely changed to some other totally different thing. Modernism has brought many changes in the high school and at the moment they don’t look like they used to. In our developing and already developed world our schools are characterized with increased indiscipline as well as violence. The acts of violence can be related to a number of factors. Some of the explanations that have been given to explain violence include biological explanation which basically deals with the genes that are passed on to a child by the respective parent. Some forms of violence are inherited by the child (Remboldt 1994).

Psychological explanation simply says that ones state of mind can influence him to be violent. Therefore the act of kindness or violence can result from ones state of mind. It’s therefore important for one to condition his mind on doing the rightful things. Some other forms of violence can be explained sociologically for instance ones societal influence can lead to kindness or violence. Societal influence is the same as environmental influence and it’s important that overemphasis of the societal influence on a character can never happen. Every person is born in a given society and the society plays a big role in influencing the character of an individual. Therefore it’s important to realize that what one becomes in the future is partly as the result of the societal influence from the specific society.

Lastly some form of violence can be best explained by politics. Some violence emanate from the governance of that particular moment. The ruling class is the main cause of political violence that results in our countries. Therefore the form of governance in place can make or destroy an individual. Violence is a common concept at all levels of learning be it; tertiary, primary and secondary. It’s important to put in mind that forms of violence are different at every level of learning. Violence at school may be wedged against fellow students, school, school authority; teacher verses students and teacher among others. Other forms of violence that are experienced at primary and secondary levels include assault, brutality and oppression and use of profane language. Rioting and vandalism is some of the extremes of school violence that is usually done by a big number of students (Shafii & Shafii, 2001).

Buy custom Effect of Environment on School Violence essay

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