Custom «Effects of Urban Environment» Essay Paper

Custom «Effects of Urban Environment» Essay Paper

In the United States alone violence at school is about a quarter of all the violence that has been reported. In the past years one could not picture that school violence will end up in shooting, rape, murder and robbery the way it’s turned out to be. Research that has been done indicated that children in urban centers tend to grow in rampant poverty and as a result many of them opt to engage in criminal actions in order to survive. High levels of poverty fosses youngsters to take part in drug incidence as well as abuse of alcohol and some of these behaviors are great influences of violence. This is the reason the incidences of teenage pregnancy and crimes are very rampant in this places (Benbenishty & Astor, 2005).

Urban environment is characterized with rampant poverty which greatly contributes to the violence that is being witnessed at school. Joblessness and irregular employment is the daily norm of urban environment. As a result many of these youngsters lie idle most of the time and that is the reason they opt to take part in anything that will eliminate the boredom within them. This is the condition that the urban children adapt to and the people they interact with become their role models. Because these children are modeled by people of this caliber they end up being like them. They learn to handle weapons and use them at a tender age another character of these children is that they are easily provoked therefore they lack the ability to solve simple issues because they have been taught to use weapons.

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These trends continue to take root in the urban children from poor neighborhood and for these reasons such students do not see any problem in taking part in violent activities at school. There tend to see no issue in carrying fire arms to school because that is the only way that they know best in expressing themselves or making their points known to others. To urban children in poor areas crime is the only way of life that such children have ever known. Assessment of the family income of children that take part in violent actions at school has been estimated to be less than $7,500 per annum. Research has indicated that urban environment causes some risk factors to its dwellers. Some of the risk factors that were identified include individual risks, school risks, community risks as well as family risks (Schier, 2008).

Risks that are considered individual includes aggressiveness of a person, delinquent friends, lower intelligence, abuse of substance, poor parental monitoring as well as absence of expectations by parents. Other times parents to these children maybe drug traffickers and these results in neglect and abuse of the child. Some of the risk factors that fall under the community include availability of drugs, broken families, drugs and weapons, economic deprivation as well as many transient populations. School risks may include academic failure, early delinquent character, gang involvement as well as lack of commitment at school. Therefore a productive rescue mission is the one that should involve community service, students, teachers as well as parents. It’s also important to develop an evaluation system that is able to assess the happenings at our schools. On the other hand a proper communication system is necessary for efficient monitoring.

In the United States violent behavior in school going children is on an increase thogh the research that has been done on the overall indicates that school crime have significantly reduced. Statistics that were done by the criminal department indicated a rise in school violent incidence from seventy one to eighty one percent in the past ten years. The results that were obtained also indicated an increase in the number of students who admitted that there were gangs at their schools. The presence of gangs at school and in the society greatly contributes in the number of violent incidents that are happening at the learning institutions. Violence at schools is not only limited to students because teachers have admitted that they have been threatened at least twice in every month with violence within the school premises (Schier, 2008).

About two percent of all American teachers have been victims of school violence. On addition to that a good number of deaths have been reported at elementary schools as well as secondary schools as a result of violence. One of the points that the justice office has put forth is that most of this students do not naturally have criminal minds and for this reason this happens because of their surroundings. Some California professor commended that children of our time are prone to being raised by a parent who is a drug addict, been arrested a number of times; a parent that is not responsible of his children. One of the major issues that today’s children face is abandonment, poverty and messed up parents. This explains why the modern children have developed violent behavior.

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For these reasons it’s important for communities to realize that something needs to be done urgently. Besides that they should learn to respect the desires of other children who are not involved in violence and have not fallen victims of violence. There are children who only seek to find a better life therefore the community should provide an environment that is conducive for learning and development. Education research that has been done indicated that school violence emanates from possession of weapons, cyber abuse, media violence, personal alienation, community and school environments as well as family environments. Between 1980 and 1990 more teens were reported to be accessible to fire arms and that is the reason there were more shots in school at that time. In a few years back about hundred students died violently at school and seventy percent of those deaths were fire arms incidents (Miller, 2008).

Recent report that was published by the National youth Violence Prevention centre indicated that the number of teens who carry fire arms at school has significantly reduced. For this reason the harm at school has also reduced. The interviews that were done by this group indicated that 42% of all the students that were interviewed were assessable to guns, 17% have taken firearms to school with them whereas 28% have handled a gun without the consent of a grown up. Children reportedly access guns because about 35% of all United States families with teenagers have a minimum of one gun. It’s therefore clear that about eleven million children come from families that possess firearms.

A study that was done in 2007 indicated that children are able to illegal purchase guns. Therefore the American show rooms have become centers for illegal activities because they are busy selling guns to the wrong people. For these reason a bill has been passed to prohibit mentally ill patients, criminals as well as minors from accesssing firearms. Children tend to learn more from what they see than what they are taught and that is the reason why children that watch violent cartoon as well as real violent are prone to becoming more violent. Researchers have concluded that verbally aggression behavior as well as violence is on the increase due to media exposure. Youths develop violent emotions as well as thoughts from the videos and films that they keep watching (Miller, 2008).

Cyber abuse is another factor that has led to school violence. Internet, messaging, e-mails have continually contributed to character erosion in school going children. Famous video games contain some forms of violence and this is one of famous practice among the students. Psychologists through research has concluded that children that spend most of their times watching video game tend to develop hostile personalities. For instance such children do not believe in forgiving because they know violence is the way forward. Messaging done through the cell phones as well as emails have provides grounds for initiation for more violence. Cyber bullying has become a common thing among the adolescents. In this case the adolescents threaten; taunt their peers through the usage of the media.

The public health sectors have been able to single out a few cases as the cause of school violence and among them are issues like race, income levels as well as ethnicity. Some of the anti-social behaviors that may contribute to aggression include heavy drinking and smoking as well as suicidal attitude. This information is of great importance to the public health sectors since they are able to assess the health risks of young people. Family relationships as well as the type of friends a teenager associate with can also greatly influence their behavior. In brief the environment around the youth for instance the community, school, peers, and families have the capabilities of exerting influence of the behavior and attitude of an adolescent (Watson & Skinner, 2004).

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The overall research that has been conducted has confirmed a fifty percent surety of schools becoming a violent breeding zone. This is in exemption of all other factors that have been singled to contribute to violence at school. Though, few teenagers are likely to join gangs its evident that there are gangs at schools. Discipline erosion is rampant in schools with high population. The likelihood of a big school having indiscipline is very higher than in small schools. Statistics have revealed that schools with a population of over a thousand students report high cases of indiscipline as opposed to schools with a population of less than a thousand students.

The students who are likely to be affected by school violence are middle school students. The students who are more likely to avoid school because of bullying are eighth grade students. About 22% of all urban students between twelve and eleven years know someone of their age that belongs to a gang. A good example of such a scenario is a seventh grade boy who is attacked by a fellow seventh grade student. Research shows that there is high rate of violence at this age because the children at that age are at a tough adolescent stage. Another reason for this trend is that young teenagers do not have enough knowledge of social behavior and they are therefore hypertensive. The fact that these children interact for the first time their different backgrounds brings many issues (Watson & Skinner, 2004).

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