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Educational Creed

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I believe education should transcend all boundaries and give opportunities to all children to realize their maximum potential regardless of race, religion, disability or economic status.  In the 21st century, it is hard to imagine that there are places in the world, where children have no opportunity to get a decent education. To feel oneself comfortable in the modern changing and complicated world, all individuals must have an access to different educational institutions in early stages of their life as well as throughout their whole lives. Having equipped by learning opportunities, children can realize their maximum potential in studying, development of their various skills and abilities that they will later can provide in their future life and work (Blum, 1998, p.28). Schools, colleges and universities must be perfect educational establishments for students of different backgrounds, religions, races, disabilities and economic status. For this reason, the USA is the best place for children from any part of the world who are coming to live and study as immigrants and native citizens. Transcending all those boundaries, the educational system may help students to feel free and comfortable in the modern society that is an important tool for better education. Once the governments can provide these opportunities, they, therefore, protect their citizens and countries by learning how to live together in peace and harmony for better prosperity of their nations (Aleman, 2001, p. 485).  

I believe the school is a place where students` basic needs are met so they feel safe, secure and free to learn in an unbiased atmosphere that believes in their ability to reach their full potential and become life-long learners. Every educator needs to remember that students don’t care about what they know until they know they care. The school is the first stage in children`s life where they may be responsible for their work, i.e. their studies. It is really very important for educators to help young people to feel themselves secure and protected in the course of their studies. Only feeling themselves protected and comfortable, individuals can possess their potential abilities, get necessary knowledge and skills from their studies. Creating friendly and peaceful atmosphere, teachers as well as students can master their studies in order to have perfect knowledge in different fields of studies and gain better grades that are also very important for their self esteem and satisfaction (Bigler, 1999, p. 35).

I believe schools have the responsibility to connect the social boundaries of the community with the developmental indicators that drive the social interactions of students.  Schools cannot treat these two denominators as separate elements when educating youth. The social interaction of students in schools is an essential tool which makes the whole educational process effective. Connection of the social boundaries and development of students` skills and abilities can be the great instrument of the establishment of better education and understanding as well as communication among all the participants of the educational process, i.e. teachers, students and their parents. To learn how to exist, study, interact creatively among all those participants of the educational process, will lead to achieve better developing and understanding of students` origins, customs, traditions, history and backgrounds (Aleman, 2002, p. 491)

 I believe schools need to work diligently to see the forest beyond the trees. By focusing on where students need to be, schools can formulate detailed plans on how to get there. Governments and schools must provide honest and accountable programs in order to provide high quality training for their students. These programs may help children to study and develop their talents, skills and abilities according to their opportunities (Blum, 1998, p.30). Having such opportunities, give children the awareness of their human dignity and better future, which are based on their traditions, value of caring and responsibility. 

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