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Education Revolution

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Education is one of the important processes in human life that people tend to through so as to pasue their long term dreams. In today’s world, education is believed to be the power for it is the process that makes good men out of nothing. The world can only come into civilization with education of which without it, all the activities taking place in the world can stagnate as there are no educated and skilled personnel to manage them. In the American history Education is recognized as a very important process as they also believe that it is through education that their country or states can gain political social and economical stability. This made education to be referred to as the power due to the fact that it forms the basis of any good thing in the American history. Due to this significance that education has to the lives of people, very many strategies have been put forward to boost this process so as to continue serving many people. This paper mainly focuses on the history of the American and how the reacted to education since the colonial period to date.

Due to the fact that education is power as many people placed it, it is believed to enhance peace of mind and thought. Not to forget is the expansion of the mind that in turn enables one to think and make correct decisions in life so as to make his or her life comfortable. During the colonial period, the whites were threatened by this thing called education for they believed that they would loose control over their slaves after they had fully got some bit of education. The also believed that the slaves would have their own perspective and way of approaching life. To them education was a very dangerous weapon that could enable the slaves to finally overpower them. This made the white to block the process of education for some time in America and any other region of which they controlled. The did not want the blacks to get even a d\single hint of education hence subjected them to some kind of hush treatments that could not create chance or allow room for education..

In the history of the Americans, education is said to have been dominated by various groups of people who were bound by social relationships. There came a time in the History of the Americans that slaves could get some little privilege of expressing themselves from the support of education. An educated slave could distinguish what was wrong and right for him or herself hence could find alternative ways of withdrawing him or herself from the bondage of slavery. Though they tried to get educated but they could not still fully manage it as they got a lot of pressure from their masters who were against their education. Not all the whites were against the slaves’ education but only to a few who felt they could be left with a huge gap to fill especially when it came to the fulfillment of their desires. Some of the whites wanted to achieve some of their set targets and objectives through the slaves. Though some wanted the slaves to be free, there were still some problems that they though would arise due to the fact that most of the slaves were blacks and they thought that the literacy of the blacks would make some proof to slavery as the master mainly benefited from the services offered buy their slaves.

As far as this matter of slave education was concerned, a sound warning was passed by South Carolina in the year 1770 targeted those white who engaged the black slaves in the education system. The warning that was passed prevented the black slaves from learning as anyone white who could be seen to have involved in such an act, was to face a sever punishment that gave him or her an option of paying a given amount of dollars. Due to this stern warning issued by Southern Carolina, the slaves and other whites who were not impressed by the issue of slavery, involved in this act at night or in secret places where these whites could teach some of the slaves how to read and write. The wives of their masters also offered some little support to the in terms of education but not fully. The children of the slaves could also sneak to various places of secrecy such as churches where they could learn how to read and write. This is how some of the slaves who managed to bring freedom to their race made it in terms of education.

After some time or a given duration of time from the time the Southern Carolina issued a warning, many schools in the southern states of America ceased from admitting black children as they were afraid of the policies that governed the warning. The only way these children were to learn was through some religious institutions that also had an aim of divert their beliefs of the slaves to in terms of religion. It is through religion that many blacks managed to get some bits of knowledge for they were given the opportunity to learn how to read and write so as to understand more about religion. In religious institutions the blacks were safe as they had no pressure from any side. This is so because religion tends to operate on its own and had its own policies and regulations that governed it. It became very difficult to do criticize or punish religious organization because it consisted on very many members that became very difficult to punish.

Very many white teachers were punished due to matters pertaining to the blacks’ education making various learning institutions involve in a forced act of racial discrimination. Learning itself from all these experiences can be said to have come a long way though it is still not fully set in some of the developing countries in the world. Education started long time ago even if nobody had realized that it existed. It started as an informally in various societies where children were only taught the basics of life and how they could go about them. This applied to both the white and black societies as it is the general basis of education in the present world. The first people to be educated or to know more about education were the whites who in turn used the little knowledge they had gained to take control over some countries in the world.

It is also from the white that other countries or states in the world came to learn more about education. As per them, learning did not have a difficult beginning as they had free time and no pressure attached to their learning systems. The problem only began with other races where they could not allow them to get free education having fear that they might at one time overpower them. America as a state that combines all races together came to get basic education from various religious institutions. Education in today’s world has really revolutionized making to favor all. It has been going some changes and improvements over the last centuries and has today reached a level where it can go hand in hand with technology. It began informally and has today advanced to high levels that is very important to the economies of every country in the world.

Buy custom Education Revolution essay

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