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Critical Laws, Emerging Issues and Trends in Education

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In the modern education system, one of the critical laws affecting education is the law that every individual should access basic education. This is what has been referred to the right to education in the universally accepted declaration of human rights. In modern times, education is viewed as a basic necessity which every person should have. In many countries of the world, education has been made compulsory for children up to the age of 15 (primary education). Governments in these countries have also taken the responsibility of providing free education to their citizens up to a certain level in bid to fulfill the requirement of the law.

One of the emerging trends in the education system today is wide use of technology as a tool and a means of teaching (Young, 1982). For example, it was traditionally known that the learners and the tutor would meet at a given physical location for learning to take place. Nowadays, technology has lead to emergence of distance education where learners and tutors who are located in different geographical places conduct learning without physical meeting. There are some instances where the learner and the tutor interact face-to-face through the internet.

In other instances, learners make use of CD-ROM which has been prepared by their tutors either in audio format or audio-visual format. Technology is also being used in universities and colleges as a tool of learning where students use the internet to conduct their research or do their assignments. The facilitators are also using the internet to communicate learning requirements to their students. In other instances, technology has replaced the traditional method of lecturing whereby lectures are done through presentations via projections.

In higher education, one of the emerging issues is the changing roles and identities of teachers and learners. Learning in institutions of higher education has become more of a collaborative process where teachers and learners share learning experiences. Learners are taking the roles which used to be primarily done by the teachers. Modern learning in higher education is characterized by peer reviews, external reviews and formative feedback among other methods of interaction between the teachers and the learners.

From a personal perspective, what the educators can do in order to steer these trends is to accept the development of modern times in the education system. Educators should recognize that the world is changing and things are no longer done the traditional way. Therefore, educators should embrace the emerging trends in education and try as much as possible possess a positive mind in conducting modern day teaching.

Buy custom Critical Laws, Emerging Issues and Trends in Education essay

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