Custom «Conducting an Oral History» Essay Paper

Custom «Conducting an Oral History» Essay Paper

As a result of the desire to learn more about American history, Oral Interviews proved to be the best mode of extracting information. Not only did it yield more than was needed but I had the opportunity to seek clarification on historical link between the American society and the growing population. This was based on current affairs in relation to the growing economy and employment. The main lessons learnt were on Mexico-United States immigration. This paper provides an insight into the actual oral interview.

Towards developing a broad understanding concerning American issues like “current affairs and historical connections, effects of immigration on modern American history, and American life and culture,” it is important to carry out an oral interview. The oral history interview in this report is enhanced with the intent to examine American history from a wide perspective. With this understanding, this report accurately presents a detailed oral interview concerning issues of America. The name of the interviewee is James and he is aged seventy five years, with vast experience on the subject of the above mentioned American issues. This explains the best reason as to why James is chosen over other people. The report comprises different types of questions asked to the interviewee, the type of answers provided, experience gained from the interview, and new things learnt on the subject of history in general and with reference to the interviewee in particular.

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Type of Questions Asked in the Interview

In any given interview, briefing the interviewee in relation to the subject matter is always critical; as this opens ways through understanding each other is enhanced. In this scenario, briefing James the interviewee about the assignment on history course is the first thing before commencing on the questions. After making a disclosure to the interviewee, the basic questions asked revolve around issues relating to American history. For instance, the general conversation in the interview concerns how the interviewee life was during his childhood and concerning where he was during the occurrence of these American events (Baker, 2008).

This is in addition to, questioning the interviewee his thoughts pertaining to the above American historic events that he lived through. The basic questions in this interview relate to the “effects of immigration on modern American history, and American life and culture”. For instance, “what are the ffects of immigration on modern American History (Davidson, 2006)”? How does the American life and culture relate to the issue of immigration? The above questions are asked to the interviewee in a polite language, in order to give him chance to respond to the succinctly.

Type of Answers Provided in the Interview

After having a deep conversation with the interviewee, various answers regarding the above asked question and which relate to the American history are provided in a logic manner. According to the provided answers, it is clear that American current affairs and historical connections are contributing factors resulting to major developments in the country nowadays. For instance, some of the provided answer relating to the subject on “effects of immigration on modern American history” clearly enlighten on how immigration is affecting the economy of the United States (Davidson, 2006).

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From the interview, I noted that some of the effects of immigration on modern history of America relate to issues pertaining to the economy and employment. The answers show that the effects of immigration and the United States economy are largely categorized as a theme of debate, as this is directly links to the economy and politics of the nation. It is quite understandable according to the answers of the interview that the effects of immigration contribute both negatively and positively in the growth of United States economy (Rush, 2007). As well, American life and culture defines the way in which the migrants relate with the natives.

Lesson Learnt from the Experience of the interview

Interviews provide most excellent chances for gaining experience concerning various subjects. From this interview, I learnt that some of the current affairs in the American history have a basic connection with historic affairs. For instance, the issue pertaining to the economy is a current issue in the government of the U.S. However, the same issue traces back to the time of immigrants and colonization. This is a clear indication that, the presence of a growing economy is due to the occurrence of immigrants in the history of the United States. The fact that immigrants provide labor for low wages is a reason for a growing economy in the United States. It is quite obvious that history plays a crucial role in determining how the future will be like. Therefore, American history of immigrants is a determining factor of the economy of the nation. New Things Learnt Conncerning History and the Interviewee

From this interview, it is clear that immigration is a term defining the movement of inhabitants into a given area. This is the introduction of new people into a given new population; hence the procedure occurs due to several factors. The United States is a major destination for human being immigration. The US-Mexico remains a favorite improvement as it separates individuals living in a wealthy and a developing country (Baker, 2008). The trouble of immigration remains noteworthy with Mexicans crossing the border in look for greener pastures and as well smuggle drugs into the wealthy state.

The Mexico - United States Border has a very extensive record. Economic growth in the United States saw Mexico lag at the back, and so resulting in economic differences. Mexico remains disreputable for drug manufacture and smuggling and the existence of a set market and job chances in the United States widens the range of the difficulty (Davidson, 2006). Diverse movies and manuscripts are written showing how the border continues to affect the lives of a human being living on both sides. The creation of the barrier seems essential to restrain with illegal migration and smuggling of drugs and other resources. The interview therefore gives a lot of information concerning the border and its crashes on the lives of the many people. The history of the United States and Mexico revolves much around the blockade, and also plays a main role towards improving the associations between the two nations in terms of trade and economy.

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With regards to interview, the interviewee has vast experience concerning American issues pertaining to “current affairs and historical connections, effects of immigration on modern American history, and American life and culture (Rush, 2007)”. Through clearly analyzing points and giving examples where applicable, the interviewee shows the major transitions occurring in the American history.


From the above interview, it is quite intelligible that the effects of immigration result to both negative and positive changes in the growth of U.S economy. American issues akin to “current affairs and historical connections, effects of immigration on modern American history, and American life and culture” are more related to the nations’ politics and economy. Conducting an oral history interview is critical towards understanding the past and comparing with the future. 

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